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This is just funny! Lol! Hollywood really has this unrealistic view of beauty, it's ridiculous!
her boooobs ???? 馃槙馃槙馃槙馃槙
@shoenami Yep, I agree and it happens often. Even if people are very familiar with photography and post-processing, they have enough common sense to that it's unrealistic as you said.
@YinofYang I guess it comes with editing the whole quality of the photo and not only the subject. The second one isn't as bad.. photoshop is great until they overdo it to unrealistic levels!
Hm...I don't know about Keira's proportions in the first one, although she is pretty flat, but that's just because she's small. As for the photoshop, yes, it seems legitimate to me. I have to do cleanup and touch ups for portrait work I do and it kinda ends up like that too. XD
@ameliasantos10 I was also wondering about that! this is hilarious and yes, Keira is definitely a beautiful girl even without photoshop!
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