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Look around. Stripes are trending BIG TIME! @CindyStran shared a hot card on dating stripes which you can see here that is fantastic! Target's in the news for it's colab with Marimekko, which you can read about here (that includes some innovative stripes) by @jordanhamilton.
Now, it's MY TURN to share with you some chic stripe ideas that you can geek out on this Spring/Summer!
Hell Yes leather sticker
$ 75
Rainbow Stripes Maxi Featherweight Ebury leather tote
$ 2,350
Bauhaus Beach Platform Wedge Sandals
Deckchair stripe top
striped blouse
Striped Shorts
$ 610

Who else is obsessing over stripes?!

Yesss! The wedges and the desk chair top 馃檶馃徑馃檶馃徑馃檶馃徑
I'm not a lime green fan, but I'm sure that would be beautiful!
thank you! at least if it's expensive, let it be drool-worthy
@marshalledgar I agree. Your taste is expensive but it's hard not to fawn over it all and want it. ^_^
I think the shorts could be a new favorite of mine. @humairaa But true, @cindystran my taste tends to be quite expensive #sorrynotsorry
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