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Britney is beautiful as she is! I don't know why they had to do this!
The funniest part is the hair - up and down , up and down
@YinofYang have you heard about the book "The Uglies"? I feel like it's like that over here.. XD
@shoenami Omg, I saw that. We pulled up a plastic surgery place from there..and they had a standard for everything, just like you said. Manufactured dolls...I like that.
@YinofYang @oj1992 @Saravy this is expected.. since, they have this very generic standard of beauty.. they already have an idea of what kind of eyes they want, what kind of nose, face shape, lips.. everything! so all the women want the same thing, that's why they end up looking like manufactured dolls.. :(
@shoenami @oj1992 @Saravy Yes, I completely agree with all of you. There was a this huge chart made of all these women who have had plastic surgery in Korea...and omg. Seriously sad. They all looked so similar that I had trouble telling them all apart. Individual beauty and identity...gone.
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