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Since you're not washing your hair every single day, get in the know for how to prep your no-wash hair for easy-breezy styling the next morning!
Katelyn Brooke, of TheSmallThingsBlog, shares her three tips to get it together without any hair drama!
If you know of any other great tips or tricks to extending the life of your unwashed hair, please share them with me in the comments below! It's always good to get updated ideas for new ways of living and styling.
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Good ideas, but I can't go a day without washing my hair.
This year i've had my hair tied in a bun almost everyday! N i'm not even interested in grooming it or whatever.Can't handle long hair anymore. I'm just waiting for an occasion to cut it short.
Nice tips! Will definitely try! :)
Me too @zoilaobregon me too. gets way too greasy
@marshalledgar I know, it's horrible!!!