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Hello.....its me XD
Just kidding.
But seriously, Hi.
I haven't been active haven't I?
Im sorry.
Iv'e been busy, with school.
School is dreadful.
I never had time for anything.
For friends, for family events, for going out...
not even a BBxGD support card....
Mianhae :(
But now that Im done with EVERYTHING Ive worked hard on, I made this card as soon as possible.
Hope you keep fighting BBxGD and stay strong for your family, your friends, and for your vingle family πŸ’•

The song and the man who saved your life :)

The cards that our family has given you and many more :)

and I know many has done one but Its so much I couldn't keep track.... that's alot of love your receiving @BBxGD and Im glad you have them :)

A few GD pictures to keep you smiling :)

And a present that Kwon Jiyong wants to personally give to you :)

You did such a good job Ji! Im so proud of you! *motherly kiss lol*

And a simple~


because this digital smile represents our love and support and emotion towards you and fighting this cancer.

I was listening to Red Velvet's song 'One of these nights' and I think, to fully know what I want to say, listen to the song while reading ahead. :)

Remember BB... We are here to support you, no. matter. what. We believe you can beat this illness, because you are capable of ANYTHING. You make us have the feels from your fanfics, you send us the nicest words and things, you motivate us, you are in our heart. We the community will love and support all we can, and we know that this illness will end and everything will go back to the way it is. One of these days, one of these nights, it will be over and well be waiting for you with arms open. :)



Such an amazing card!! It makes me so happy just reading it! It's perfect for @BBxGD ^-^
@catchyacrayon this wad a perfect card
@catchyacrayon u made it!!! lovely card for @BBxGD
UNNIE YOUVE BEEN FIGHTING STRONGLY THROUGH ALL OF THIS. I'm fighting for you to stay strong. Keep going gorgeous! Even though I've repeated this more than once we are still right behind you every step of the way. We're family. And family sticks together. @BBxGD
This was an adorable card. ;)
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