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So, I was walking to check the mail, and Shinee's "View" started playing. Foreshadowing! I finally got Press It in the mail! :D I preordered it from Korea, and it felt like it took foreeeeeeever to get here. The box was a bit banged up, but it made it safely. :) wanna see? Of course you do! That's why you're here! :P
Oooo...we all know what that is!
Poster! :D
Inside. The silver writing says: Every lyric and every song resonates with my thoughts and emotions that inspired me to record this album. It was a grueling process at times, but one that was necessary and inevitable. Ultimately pushing me to dig deeper within myself. That is why I can call this one my most personal album to date. My heart-felt gratitude goes out to everyone involved in the making of this album and I hope all who listen will understand what this means to me. My journey continues on with all of you along with me.
Side 1 of the card I got. <3
Back of the card. I can't read it, but I'm pretty sure that it says that he worked on Press It to confess his feelings for me. Keepo
@Keldra No problem...I can't wait to get my first album but I'm broke so who knows when that'll happen XD
Thanks! :D @JohnEvans
It looks so good...Congratulations on getting it
@JohnEvans I believe in you! :D I got mine on ebay. It was basically torture waiting for it to come in. :P