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I love Fallout. Honestly, I do. But there are some things about the game that really get on my nerves. It's not the design of the game or that it's too hard or that it's nothing like New Vegas. It's the little things that bother me. The tiny, little, terrible things that get on my case every time I start up the game.
So, without further ado, here are 10 terrible things about playing Fallout 4 (one of my favorite games but I'm also nitpicky, so deal with it).

1. Farming

I spend so much time farming. Like, almost all of my time. But I can't even really call it farming because I'm just placing vegetables in a straight line (or at least trying to) for hours on end. Why can't I just tend to them myself? I can't even count the amount of times I've built a recruitment beacon just so I could have another farmer on hand to tend with all of my delicious mutfruit.

2. Inventory Management

The inventory system in Fallout is horrible. It's essentially a giant fucking menu that alphabetizes everything for you. On paper, this sounds like a good enough way to manage the inventory. But once you're a wasteland farmer/chef (like myself). You'll have so many things in your AID section you won't know what to do with yourself. Yeah, I can hotkey things. But not nearly enough as I want to. And every time I watch a Let's Play of the game on PC, I see people using nifty inventory mods that keep their Pip-Boy looking nice and tidy.

3. Legendary Enemies Appear at the Worst Times

This has happened to me way too many times. Either I'm just finishing a quest or walking back towards Sanctuary (I try not to fast travel at all) and end up being blindsided by a Legendary Deathclaw or Raider. Sure, they'll drop something nice for me. But I'm already out of ammo and equipment so I always have to run away.

4. All of the Damn Locations

I love that Bethesda puts so much into their game, don't get me wrong. And I actually love that there are so many places to see/go in the Commonwealth. But I don't like the amount of stress I have trying to see all these places. Listen, guys, I'm (unfortunately) an adult. Which means I have to go to work sometimes. Which means I don't have any fucking time to see all of these Goddamned places. So I'm stuck with this weird anxiety every time I play the game. Should I go wander into the wastes or should I just finish up this quest because Poppa Droid has to get his beauty sleep or everyone at Droid Corp will get literally maimed the next morning because I'm too tired.

5. Trying to Find all the Power Armor

The biggest change to Fallout 4 is the way Power Armor works. And depending on what level you are, you could get better models. But trying to find all of these models? It's a goddamn pain. I love collecting all the cool stuff you can but at the same time, if the game keeps spawning the SAME SET OF T-60 POWER ARMOR I think I'm going to explode. Listen, I know I'm too high of a level right now to get the T-51 Power Armor. But it'll look real nice next to my T-45b Power Armor. And I won't continue any quests until I find me one.

6. Trying to Find Dogmeat

Dogmeat, you beautiful soul. You magnificent beautiful creature. You just won an award for being the best video game dog. I want to congratulate you, I do. BUT I CAN NEVER FUCKING FIND YOU. I sent you to Sanctuary years ago but you're still moseying around somewhere in that town and I have no idea where you could be. And before you say it, yes I built a dog house but he doesn't like the one behind my house. He's never there. I just want to love you Dogmeat. Can you please come back home?

7. The Fucking Pipe Weapons

Okay, so when I first started playing the game. I loved the Pipe Weapons. Every single one of them. "Oh wow", I thought. But then after I got newer, shinier, and stronger weapons. I had no use for these things anymore. Sure, they look cool because it's like some dumb dumb made it without knowing how guns work. But come on, they're the weakest guns in the game and I'm tired of picking up the ammo for it because I'll never use one of these guns again.

8. Not Enough Adhesives!

I love crafting. It's my favorite thing about video games these days. But in the Commonwealth, you need adhesives to make everything stick together. You need some duct-tape or wonderglue. And do you know how hard it is to find this stuff? It's like the bombs dropped and someone took all the duct tape to make wallets for everyone they knew (which is like no one because they're all dead). And yes, I know I can farm adhesives. But don't you remember my issue with farming in the first place? Come on guys, pay attention.

9. Radiation Storms

It's cool that Radiation Storms happen. They should. It makes sense. But I hate when they happen when I'm busy in the backyard looking for Dogmeat. Or when I'm trying to tend to my farm. Or when I'm just standing next to my armor workbench thinking about upgrading my leather armor to make it all black because black goes with everything. Don't you know ANYTHING about wasteland fashion? Getting irradiated while I'm just hanging out at home is easily the most annoying thing that's ever happened to me. And I'm tired of it. I'm going back in the vault.

10. Radscorpions!

I apologize in advance for the crappy picture. But I absolutely hate Radscorpions. I already hate bugs in real life. And I really, really don't want to see a giant irradiated one when I'm playing a video game. But every time I try to venture close to the Glowing Sea, one of these scary creeps comes out and scares the poop out of me. There's nothing creepier than a giant bug chasing you because it's a giant bug and bugs are fucking gross dude. I don't have a boot big enough to get rid of these guys. And honestly, I can't count the times I've blown myself up trying to kill 2 of these things with a Mini Nuke.
Phew. So there you have it. All of the horrible things about Fallout 4 that I'll continue to deal with because it's my absolute favorite game to ever have been a game. Is there anything you guys think I'm missing? Be sure to let me know in the comments!
I have 2 characters and with one character I run out of adhesive every time I blink and I pick up EVERYTHING, I even bring Strong or my nodded up Sentry Bot to help lug the shit and I'll spend a few minutes building only to run out. The other character however, I haven't run out of anything so I think it's just a luck kind of thing. I have multiple sets of power armor because A. It's fun to look at and B. I can put followers in it to patrol my settlements when I'm not using them. The ammo for pipe weapons is really everywhere but the way I see it, it's easy caps but I understand what you mean. I play on Very Hard and when I was low level there were fucking legendary creatures EVERYWHERE and now that I actually want them to spawn they're nowhere to be found, like come on fallout I'm trying to level here. Great post man I died laughing.
@paulisadroid the adhesive problem ain't a joke. it's not that they are rare per say, they are everywhere, it's that any mod you make uses a fuck ton, and every single mod needs it. I had like nearly 100 adhesives saved up, I started just upgrading my 4 armor pieces and two guns, and I was down to like 13. it's just shotty balancing. like I got cloth for the rest of my life, no settler will ever go without a bed or a fucking pillow, but he'll no, I ain't making you armor you prick, go find some glue and we will talk
Gotta agree with you on the Radscorpions those things are just fucking creepy man!
@SeanMcGuinness in regards to the power armor, I like collecting stuff. it's fun.
Preston garvey. nuff said
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