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My flight couldn't have been worse: there was a baby sitting next to me and his mom wouldn't do anything about it. My headache was of no help either, the pain was unvareable. That baby's cry was so irritating.
When I put on my headphones while waiting for my dad to pick me up, I remember (Y/N). Hearing her voice was always so relaxing. She was so warm to hug and be close to, but, after I left that warmth was gone and it felt cold.
My dad arrived an hour after I was in the airport. He looked at me with such a happy face that it was hard to not smile with such a face. I gave him one of those long-time-no-see hugs and he looked like he was going to cry again. Despite my trememdous worrying I have to smile, that way they won't worry about me. I know I can't worry them about something so stupid and I don't think I can deal with one of mom's love speeches. She takes it to such a level that it sounds like she's speaking to a group of relationship-struggleling girls in a crowd who have to deal with their asshole of boyfriends.
To be honest, I'm more than worried, I'm hesitating about looking at (Y/N) in the eyes if she does recognize me. I feel like my whole world will be shattered into a million pieces.
I remember where (Y/N) lives, she's still there with her mom and older sister whom I've always found very annoying. I'm standing right in front of her porch trying so hard to knock but still hesitating. I look at my feet and then back at the door again. I finally knock on the door, at first nothing but then I heard a slight cracking, the door opening slowly. It was (Y/N). She looked so different, so beautiful but sad and angry. She's wearing the red converse I gave her, they still fit on her little feet how cute.
She looks at my face as if she's thinking about something (or someone) but then she goes back to a serious expression.
"Who are you?"
She doesn't remember me..... how ironic.
The feeling was strong with that last line, my chest started hurting😣💔
WAEEEE I'm dying now 😭
ahhh i mean you wearing the shoes bro!!! You must be thinking something about him
Aww...how could she not remember that beautiful face?! You broke his poor little heart! =(
Awww what!! So sad!
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