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So I started to listen to podcasts, I know only a million years later but I'm now ADDICTED to a podcast called Risk which is beautiful, true stories boldly told by those who lived them. And one of the best lines I have heard so far is, sometimes the safest option is taking the risk.
Sounds crazy right? Actually, not only does it sound crazy, but it sounds completely counterproductive! Risk is never safe unless there's a reward and you can NEVER bank on getting the reward. But playing it safe is the sure fire way to hate yourself, hate your job, and ultimately regret your choices.
See, the problem with playing it safe is you never, ever will enjoy that moment when you can actually feel the change. The tingle in the air of your entire life altering, your world finally shifting into place. When you play it safe, nothing can ever change, nothing will be different, and the way you're feeling now is the way your life will forever pan out. Always remember, when you don't take the risk you won't even have a chance at the reward.
Just subscribed to Risk
Well said! Sometimes, playing it safe doesn't get you want. You have to take a risk because it's also one of the ways to find out what you're made of.
This sounds interesting, do you have the link for the podcast?