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Hi, This is a card about me. It's 20 facts about me. and also, if you have any ideas on future cards, let me know.
1. I have long black hair 2. I am the only one of my friends that likes kpop 3. I'm not popular 4. I live in the us 5. I badly want to go to seoul 6. I like many boy groups 7. I like SHINee 8. I adore Big Bang 9. I fell in love with BTS (crazy bangtan boys) 10. seventeen stole my heart and won't give it back
11. I think B.A.P is life 12. I'm an Exo-L 13. In the f(x) fan base: Aff(x)tion 14. Eric Nam gives me life 15. I am Meldoy (BtoB fan) 16. Also a best friend (Boyfriend fan) 17. I am dating my food 18. I went to a Big Bang Concert 19. I can't sing, but I play the violin 20. I'm excited to meet every one on Vingle!
Thanks for reading! I'm excited to meet all of you and make new friends! and if you ever just need to talk to someone, I'm here!
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WELCOME! :) I am an ARMY too! ♡
2 years ago·Reply
Welcome to the family!!!!!!!
2 years ago·Reply
2 years ago·Reply
YES TO ALL OF THESE FACTS! I'm SOOOOO pumped for seventeen comeback!
2 years ago·Reply
Nice to meet you..good to meet another BTOB fan!!
2 years ago·Reply