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I stumbled upon this image and was utterly mesmerized by it.
So much of the time when we talk about bridal looks it will include accessories like crowns, tiaras, veils, hats, and even floral halos. But when was the last time you saw ribbons and flowers incorporated into a "look" for the romantic bride?
I can't say that I have seen anything like this. And if I have, I don't remember. But this look is so striking, I can't imagine that I'd ever forget seeing this.
Notice how the look combines two different ribbons--ivory and two-tone pink. Both are wired to keep the curves architectural. This look also includes FRESH flowers off to the side. What makes this so romantic is that the roses used are climbers. These aren't your Ecuadorian variety here. These are similar to English roses.
What look are you going for when you marry? What dress have you decided on?