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Good news animal lovers: Today is National Puppy Day!!!
I don't have puppy fever, but it's always cool to have a pet. A cool pet can brighten up you day in a time of need. They look up to you, and at times, you lean on them for support.
My sister has a puppy, and it's been awhile since I've seen her this happy. Watching the puppy learn things and explore is pretty cool.
So for those of you looking for companionship, open up your heart to a puppy! It may be a challenge, but the dog will be worth it in the end.
Feel free to share your favorite puppy story with your fellow Vinglers below!
Aw man! When we first got our golden retriever there was a mirror on the floor in our place. He found it and flipped out because he couldn't understand why the other dog wouldn't play with him XD found him all upset, tried to explain it to him, failed, ended up hiding the mirror
I have a boston terrier his name is Master Chief (Chief) he's going to be 3 in June!!! :) ♡♡♡♡♡