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Trigger Warning: some of the content may be a bit to serious, depression is not a joke and if you have depression please contact someone, trust me talking to someone helps! You have been warned! ____________________________________________________________ Suho: "Y/n!! Come down here!!" Your mother hollers from the living room. Pulling out your earphones you let out a sigh and walk out of your room. You walk into the living room where you mother sits reading a newspaper "go to the kitchen, your father is making a batch of brownies" she mummers deep into the article she was currently reading. At the sound of brownies your eyes lit up, quickly rushing into the kitchen you see your dad whip out a newly batch of the heavenly delight. The smell alone had you drooling. "Smells delicious dad" you chirp grabbing a plate ready to stack up and binge watch pretty little liars season one all over again. Just as your about to carefully pick up a piece your dad swats your hand away. "It isn't for you" he chuckles at your confused face. "Its for the new neighbours, can you deliver them?" He politely asks as your face darkens. Without another word you walk out of the house towards the new neighbours house with a sour expression. Because of these people your plans for the weekend were shattered!! Letting out a loud sigh you knock softy ok the door despite the anger boiling inside of you. The door swings open to reveal a boy with large round eyes. He peers into your eyes as you stare back at him. You couldn't shake off the fact he was quiet attractive. "Uhh...Er...i'm from next door..-" you stick your thumb in the direction of your house. "And as a welcoming to the neighbourhood kind of thing my dad made brownies...." You akawardly end under the intense stare of the boy. "It smells delicious" the boy mummers quietly. "Uhh..ye-" you were about to pass the plate and get the hell outta there when another voice emerges from the house. "Kyungsoo? Who is that?" You didn't know why but you froze. It felt like some sort of force had made you freeze on the spot. A figure comes to the door but comes to a complete halt when his eyes lands on yours. His eyes were the warmest brown you have ever seen, his skin complimented his brown hair and his eyes held so much admiration that it made your legs go weak. 'Kyungsoo' looks between you two realization drawing to his face, he quickly made way for his Hyung to make space so he can stand next to him, right in front of you. "I-I'm Y/n" you stutter desperately wanting to know more about the stranger. "Im Suho....Nice to finally meet you Y/n." _____________________________________ Baekhyun: You walk into the book store taking in the beautiful smell of freshly new books. You walk up to the help desk greeting your favourite librarian, Ms.Potts who absolutely adored you. "Y/n!! I was wondering where you were! I missed you!" The elderly woman says fondly as you smile. "I was here about a week ago! But i missed you too" you wink going through your bag to bring out the books you had loaned last week. "We just got to freshly new orders" she states as you nod, "what genre?" You ask leaning against the counter peering at her do her job. "I believe romance and a bit of science fiction and a couple of new cook books" she recalls. Your eyes light up at romance, you had to admit your were quite a sucker for sappy romance novels. It always left an imprint on you and how you always dreamed your love would start to bloom....that is if anyone ever looked at you twice. You were a book nerd! Who would look at you? "Are they located at the back?" You ask knowing very well of the answer. She nods smiling so wide her eyes crinkle, she knew your love for new fresh books. Letting out a small squeal you rush to the back of the library as you pick up the first book, which happens to be a romance book. You read the back approving of the story line. "I cant see it! Where is it? Its new? Ugh why is it so hard to find a cook book?" You hear a voice mutter, out of the corner of your eye you notice a figure of a male on the phone. "If i cant find it can i just but it?.....whats it called?.....don't you know how to make cake already Kyungsoo?" You glance at the stack of books coming across one the new cook books that came in. Which was a cake cook book. Working up your courage you pick it up and walk to the guy tapping his shoulder softy, he jumps up slightly but turns to you phone still in hand. Looking at the floor you hand the book over " I couldn't help but overhear and this must me the book your looking for? It just came in" The guy takes it from your slightly shaking hands as you finally look up to him. He stopped mid way, he froze, to the point he dropped his phone on the carpeted floor. You couldn't remove your e/c eyes from him warm playful ones that seemed to hold something deeper within. He seemed to be holding in his breath. "Um..." At the sound of your voice he snaps out of a a flirtatious smile making its way up his lips. "Good thing i brought my friends library, cuz I'm checkin you out" he lets off smoothly. You stare at him after bursting out in a fit of giggles. Taking this as a good sign he sticks out his hand "I'm Baekhyun!" _____________________________________ Chanyeol: "I hate you! Leave me the fuck alone!" You scream at your bedroom door which was barricaded with furniture, keeping your sister out of your room. "Y/n! Open the door...of else you'll be grounded for a week!" She threatens from the other side. You let out an unamused chuckle, "what difference would it make? I'm already prementantly grounded! Its like a prison!" You growl finished with your backpack packing. You were gonna get outta this hell hole. "Y/N DON'T MAKE ME BREA-" your sister gets caught off by a shuffling of shoes. "Let her cool off honey, she needs space now" you hear the soothing voice of her husband. After hearing a defeated sigh, she leaves. leaving you a clean getaway. Oening the window you jump down to the soft grass. Thank god your bed room window was not high. Without glacing back at the house you sprint into the forest like your life defended on it. Even after you entered the forest you didnt stop, not until you were completely surrounded by the forest. Your lungs burned due to lack of oxygen. Tears streamed down your face endlessly, what led to this? Why couldn't you just be....normal? You lean against a tree trunk. "Another runaway?!" A voice notes annoyingly, "or maybe lost?" Another, deep voice suggests. Your head whips around looking for the voices. You clutch your bag in fear as a figure emerges from the bushes. He looked at you his head tilted to the side in confusion. "Are you lost?" He asks a amused smile paying around his childlike features. "Because this is our land so..." He trails off his eye scanning over your petite figure. "Oh! Im so sorry i didn't mean to cross your border, i'll get going!" You quickly say getting up and beginning to walk away when a hand grabs your wrist almost painfully. You look down afraid of what to come. "You smell...... weird" a new voice says with a snarl. You were practically shaking in fear. "Chanyeol! You scaring her!" The guy from before retorts. But the strong iron grip on you wrist just became tighter. "Baekhyun, she smells weird, cant you smell it?" The guy asks. Accepting what might or might bot happen you look up to see the face of the guy. His fiery hazel eyes bore into your face but once you make eye contact his stiff figure softens. He lets go of your wrist gasping as if you had burned him. His angered expression has changed into a soft expression full of hurt and pain as he glance at you bruised wrist. "Im sorry...." He mummers over and over again. For some odd reason you feel pain in your chest at the sight of him suffering. "Its fine! Uhh...Chanyeol right?" _____________________________________ D.O: 'Worthless' 'Slut' 'Whore' 'Die...' Words kept swirling through you head, thoughts just clashing against each other like waves. Just like the waves underneath you as you stand at the edge of the cliff looking down at the vicious sea that roared when it hit the rock beneath. You wipe your tears with your sleeve laughing unhumorously. It pained you, it pained you how you got bullied at the prestigious highschool just because you were the poor girl who got in for her hard unlike the others who bribed there way in. At first you simply ignored them, it was white noise to you. You never really cared. That was until he came into your life, the rich millionaire Kim Seokjin. He swooped you up and you fell, you fell quite hard. So hard when you found out it was a measly dare it tore you apart. To the point where you started to question yourself. Did you deserve to be alive to begin with? Because you wanted to pursue your dreams in this school it was harder on your family to work up for a living...you had him them suffering with you. The only solution you came up with was death. Thus leading you to at the edge of the cliff. You weren't afraid, but you were hesitant. Why? You felt...empty, its like the feeling you get your you forget something but you cant seem to remember what exactly. Pushing your thoughts aside you close your eyes. 'Mom...Dad....Forgive me' you jumped, but as you jumped you felt an arm desperately trying to reach for you, missing you by a centimetre . But that didn't stop them, they jumped along side with you, grabbing you and carefully pulling you in for a hug as you both fell to your death. Or so you thought. The instant you guys hit the water you blacked out. "Get up dammit! Breathe!" You hear a males voice say in a desperate yet soothing tone. Your body felt oddly heavy. 'Don't you feel light when you fly to heaven?' You question yourself. You feel something in you chest causing you to cough, water spurts out of your mouth. The male gently holds you back while patting you, droplets of water from his hair fell down you face. 'This must be heaven, its so bright!' The sun was in your eye making it hard for you to see the 'angel' You fully sit up regaining full vision and control over your coughing fits. You look at the man beside you locking eyes. You breath seemed to be knocked out of you on e again. He was literally breathingly beautiful ! No wander he was an angel. He seemed to be lost in your eyes, his eyes going large even though they were large to begin with. You smile, loving the warm feeling spreading throughout your body, you felt full! "T-Thanks" you mutter trying to get up, he snaps into action helping you get up. "We should take you to the hospital just in case" he says after finding his voice. You give him a questioning stare "hospital? Why?......arn't we in heaven?" You say totally confused. At this the guy bursts out into laughter, it made you feel warm all over again. "Heaven? Hahaha no! I saved you, you still on earth." He says playfully blushing under your stare. "Really?" You question, surprisingly you weren't disappointed that you hadn't died...you felt happy? "May i know the name of my saviour?" At this the boy turns crimson "D-Do...Do Kyungsoo" _____________________________________ Kai: "this way y/n, add a little sway to it" your dance instructor guides you as you follow, the sway you added made the dance move look more graceful. You bow a perfect 90 degree angle showing your appreciation. "Ok guys thats a warp up for today!" Your dance instructor says, you rush into the locker room taking a long shower, you didn't want to go home early today, actually you didn't want to go at all. You hated the feeling of entering an empty home. Living abroad sure was the biggest mistake of your life. After drying ofd and changing you notice everyone was gone thus leaving you alone in the change room. Hoping they didn't lock you out you quickly finish up and rush out passing by the rooms of dance practice rooms. All seemed to be closed or locked except one. Being the curious cat you are you decide to check it out. Peeking into the room you see the dancing figure of non other then Kai. The guy who was gifted with the talent of dance...and the gift to flirt with anyone! He was a womanizer which made your blood boil. He never did try anything on you, it didn't help that most of the members taking the class were girls who spent of their time talking to him. Not only that but you have only seen him a handful of times, you have the afternoon class whereas he has the morning class which your best friend was in, she was the source that told you about his player tendencies. But thats whats so odd, he had morning classes, why is he here now practicing at noon? With so much thoughts found in and out of your head you didn't notice the music had stopped and that Kai was packing up. You didn't notice until he was standing in front of you shirtless his broad tan sweaty chest in front of your face. Letting out a surprised squeal you turned around and covered your eyes. "Like what you see?" A deep voice mocks his breath tickling your ear making your squirm. "No!" You argue trying to walk away but he seemed to follow you. You kept walking faster but soon enough he was matching your pace. "You....smell nice..." He comments making you slightly flustered. "I did take a shower" you mutter finally reaching the door. Just as your about to open the door his hand stops you, "No thats not what I'm talking about" he tries again, getting annoyed you turn to face him glaring him in the eye. "This is a pretty stupid attempt of flirting m, even for you! So get this straight, I'm bot interested and leave me alone!" You sigh out, he looked back at you with pure sadness an guilt that stabbed you in the stomach. You were taken back by the emotion in his eyes, not wanting to stay anymore you begin to walk out. "What if i Cant leave you alone?" _____________________________________ Sehun: "Did you hear?! Luhan is back!" "Really? I heard he got beat up quite bad!" "I heard he broke his ribs!" "What? Where did u hear that? I heard he died!" The hallways were flooded with commentary from student to student about the student, Luhan, who was coming back. He got caught up with the wrong people leaving him in the hospital for months, and now he is finally out and coming to school. You skipped down the hallways happy with the thought of seeing your friend again. Yes, he barley talked o you and yes, it was more like you thought of him as a friend. He was the quiet type, not wanting to talk to anyone and not making much friends. But then you the most bubbliest girl in the school happen to be seated next to the blonds and you just had to make him your friend too. You took your seat in Chemistry peering over t the empty seat beside you where Luhan used to sit, you couldn't wait for the lonesome seat to be filled again! Before the bell could ring Luhan walks into the classroom, usually he would have earphones permanently in his ears and his gaze would be diverted o the ground but today he was talking to someone. He had the faintest smile on his face as he talked to the unknown make beside him. You racked through your brain but nothing came up. Maybe he was a new student? The strange student wore casual clothing, he had no backpack or school supplies for class. He wore a snapback and black shaded sunglasses. 'Really? Like who wears sunglasses to school?' You watch them make their way to your desk. A thought occurred to you as you grabbed you stuff, just as your about to walk away you hear a quiet "hey" surprised you turn to Luhan. "Hey!" You greet noting the scowl on the strangers face. "Um...you don't sit here anymore?" Luhan asks with an eyebrow arched. "Hahah no i do but its your first day back so i figured it would be best if you sat with your friend." You look at the stranger who scoffs and looks elsewhere making your eyebrow twitch in annoyance. "Oh..thanks!" Luhan smiles a bit wider taking his seat, you quickly get out of the way going to b/f/n table taking a seat next to him. (AN-Nim: b/f/n= boy friends name, not a boyfriend. Its your friend that is a boy!) Once your on your seat he wraps he arms around your shoulder pulling you in for a friendly side hug. At thy moment you decided to look at how Luhan was doing. Looking over you see Luhan looking through his bag while his friend is looking straight into your eyes. But you could be wrong, he was still wearing his sunglasses. You shrug it of and look at b/f/n laughing at his corny jokes when a hands slams down on the table making you flinch, b/f/n's hand never leaving your shoulder. Luhan's friend has a scowl on his face as he looks at b/f/n. "What do you think your doing?" He growls through gritted teeth. Something about the situation made you pull away b/f/n's hand off your shoulder. "Excuse me? Who are you?" He asks looking at you as you look at the stranger. "Sehun, Oh Sehun." He growls opening his sunglasses staring him dead in the eyes anger swimming across his features before he stomps off with Luhan hot on his tail. _____________________________________ AN-Nim: Hiya! This is my new story that im working on with a friend of mine hope you enjoy! this is exo-k in their mama\wolf version. If you want to be tagged please comment below! And if you have any suggestions for preference ideas please feel free to comment that as well!! 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