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Genre: fluff~

Pairing: Reader x Yoon Sanha

Word count: 1002

It was Fantagio’s Valentines party. Why? You didn’t know, but at least you got rid of the work out session you had that day. Everyone had been talking about it for weeks, it wasn’t hard to ignore it though, there were posters all over the building. Literally everywhere. Entrance, poster. Cafeteria, poster. Even bathroom, poster. So yeah. Hard to miss. But it didn’t matter to you that much, valentines day was just another commercial date, just like Christmas, but for couples. Maybe if you had a boyfriend, you would think different. But you didn’t, so~. Although you didn’t want to go you still had, it was oblogatory for everyone, specially trainees. So here you were, sitting on a chair you found empty with a heart shaped chocolate someone gave you at the door in your hand. The rooftop was packed with people wearing unnecessary cheesy clothes and decorated with unnecessary cheesy stuff. There weren’t even couples here. Why did the company thought this was a good idea? An hour had passed and you were still sat playing games in your phone. Alone. You had friends, quite a few actually, but let’s say that partying wasn’t your thing and you didn’t want to ruin their night so your phone was a good companion. Until, of course, it ran out of battery. You cursed yourself for not charging your phone before leaving the dorm. Sighing you walked to the table that had all the sweets. This was the only good thing about valentine’s day, the enormous amount of sweets you could eat. Pushing between the dancing bodies you reached your goal. Just when you grabbed your first cookie someone pushed you and made you drop it. Great. You grabbed another one this time successfully eating it, but being the lucky girl you were, you choked on it. You felt a hand patting your back and a cup filled with water was being held in front of you. As you took the cup you turned around to face the chest of someone wearing a red sweater. You looked up and saw a guy, about your age, with a worried expression.“Are you ok?” His voice was barely audible over the music You just nodded too focused on his face, wondering if you had seen him before. Something about his brown reddish hair was too familiar. Your gaze made him flustered, one of his hands came to rub the back of his neck and his eyes looked at everything but you. You shook it off and looked away.“Thanks…for the water i mean”He nodded and said nothing still not moving from his spot. Then you noticed he was wearing angel wings and was holding a red bow and a set of heart shaped arrows. *You had to be saved by cupid* you thought while rolling your eyes. You turned back to the food and grabbed some chocolate.“Why are you here? and not there…dancing” His eyes were focused on you“I should be asking you the same thing, even though i don’t even know you”You looked at him wondering why he was still talking to you, he saved you from choking to death, you thanked him, what else does he needed.“I-i’m my name is Sanha and my friends haven’t arrive yet, that’s why I’m alone” He smiled faintly, his brackets showing.“Well Sanha you should go dance or something, that’s why you came here for, didn’t you” You rested a hand on the table while waiting for his answer, he nodded.“Yes, but I don’t want to dance alone” “Then go talk to someone” “I’m talking to you right now” He giggled and you sighed“What do you want.” “What do you mean?” His puppy eyes stared into yours.“Why did you came? Why did you helped me? You don’t even know who I am” “You were alone” you waited for him to continue“No one deserves to be alone, less on valentine’s day” he never took his eyes off you as he talked and you chuckled“That was a little deep for a kid like you” Seriousness. His whole face showed that. You bit your lip to stop you from laughing his face was so adorable and you couldn’t help it.“I’m sick of hearing that! Everyone thinks I’m a baby, many girls call me their “son”. I can be mature if I want- I can bet I’m older or the same age as you!“ He pouted. Childish. But he was still cute.“You wish” you haven’t moved from your spot next to the table and your legs started to grow tired so you walked to a couple of chairs that were empty. He followed you and sat beside you.“I just realised you don’t know my name. I’m Y/N by the way” “A beautiful name for a beautiful girl” that made you cringe, a bit. “Please no” you covered your eyes“Why? It is true” “That was so corny, never do that again for sake of humanity” he just laughed and you took your hands off your eyes “Why are you dressed like cupid?” He was now looking at the peopke dancing.“I wanted to expand the romantic feeling, make people happy i guess” he took off his wings and put his arrows and bow next to him.“Why did you take it off then?” You had to admit it was a sweet gesture that he dressed up like that just to make people smile.“Because I can’t dance very well with that on” you gave him a confused look “Do you want to dance?” He stood up and looked at you expectantly.“I really enjoy being sat here” he pouted and reached out a hand for you “Sanha…” You really wanted to say no but his eyes made you give in. You took his hand and his eyes lighted up, without knowing it you had made his day a hundred times better. Maybe valentine’s day wasn’t that dumb after all.
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Credit: @dorkstro-scenarios

damn my nonnaness is starting hes just a cute baby
yeah that was cute.