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So I came across this video, and I immediately opened it when I saw "Sexy Bachata Dance." For those of you who do not know, I am a HUGE fan of bachata, and it's one of my favorite genres/dances.
When I watched the video, my feelings towards it went from excitement, to disappointment. I know that these sort of performances are meant to be dramatic and calculated, but there was a lot of things about it that I could not get over.

When I think of bachata dancing, of think of sensuality, passion, smoothness, closeness.

When I see this video, I see aggression, acrobatics, stiffness, overt dramatics.

I also hardly even saw the basic bachata steps here.
What do you guys think about the performance?
@bellissimo20 yeah they were trying to bachata, but they definitely failed lol
ok when I commented the first time I hadn't seen the video. I'm a ballroom dancer and that was not bachata lmbo
I liked the intensity and difference
bachata is one of my favorites
For me it was decent. I wasn't too crazy about the exaggerated sideways body roll.... thing. .. Too over the top for me. That aside, it was a beautiful dance with the lifts . More bachata would have been nice though.
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