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Ok I literally died and came back to life 10000000 times threw this whole video! JB why do you do this to me??? Stop been so perfect! I died from 0:00 to 3:33 Let me just say that 3:03 to 3:11 should be illegal for every fancam!
Bambam please chill out and let me live!
Let me introduce you to my bias wrecker! Mark stop bitting your lip its killing me!
I love how he is so happy while dancing and his smiles!
His vocals slay me!
The baby bias wrecker. Why are you so sexy? Seriously puberty hit him like a truck!
Im out of breath by now Jackson is slaying me!!! I think I need to get life alert because GOT7 is giving me heart attacks! @PrettieeEmm
@luna1171 I always try to share whatever video i find of GOT7 :)
@SusiBosshammer I just finished watching them all.. That's so so awesome!..πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜† thanks for sharing this..
@luna1171 I know i been abusing that replay button on the JB fancam! Sometimes ill go watch the others just to see JB from a different angel lol
Wow!!.. Mnet made a focus on each member that's so so so Cool!! Daebak!! this