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Chapter's song: I Just Wanna by Amber and Eric

~Steff's POV~ OMG TANNY IS BLUSHING!!! She never blushed in front of me before!! I look at Aseel..She looks like she want to talk to this guy too "Do you want to talk to him too?" I ask her "Ah" She tilts her head as if thinking to tell me a secret "Umm  Never mind" She said as she looked at her watch "well school's almost over anyway" She said as if she's talking to herself and looking bored "you can go home you know" I said annoyed. She didn't say anything but she looked a bit sad then she smiled and she said"I'm going home". ~Tanny's POV~ My Steff's radar is acting up...I make a sign to Jackon Wang to be quiet and I heard Aseel say "I'm going home" I see Steff coming toward Us "Nice meeting you, Jackson i hope to see you again around" I bow and walk towards Steff then i heard something "huh?" i said as i turned around "What was your name?" Jackon said "Ah..Netanaya-I go by Tanny- Thomas...A freshman" I said as I waved goodbye and walked to Steff looking like a tomato...He's so....handsome... ~Jackson's POV~ Wow...Tanny Thomas...she's real cute! she's probably in the same class with Yugyeom.I'll ask him later. I open my phone 3 missed calls and  5 texts, I call him boredly... ~? POV~ I sigh looking at the caller id "Yah! Jackson why aren't you here already?? come here as soon as possible arasso??" I said "Ne ne eomma i'm not coming to practice today" he said "Waeyo?? and don't call me eomma" i reply then he said after sighing "No reason, just tell appa that i won't be there today..annyeong eomma" "Yah!" aissh he hanged up on me...I look at Mark..he looks so out of it "Mark Mark Mark, MARK" i finally yell. Aw man he still isn't responding. He so out of it..I hug him from behind then I remembered what happened a week before high school started... -FlashBack- I grab Mark and hug him. He started crying on my shoulder "am I really that annoying? why does Jackson only cares about Amber and not about me?! I just want his attention!" and he started crying harder "Mark you aren't annoying" i said softely patting his back then I moved closer to see his face clearer and suddenly I felt my lips on felt so.....right? He pushed me away looking shocked "Mark...Mi-ian...i-i di-ddn't" i said but after that the words wouldn't come out...He touched his lips "This didn't mean anything right?" he asks then...I nodded and he left -End Of Flashback- I heard someone calling me and then reliazed it was Yugyeom asking if he can sit next to me "Ahh ne" I looked for Mark but he already left for the dorm. " are you listening?!" Yugyeom asked "Ne!" i answered but i had no idea what he was talking about till I heard "Jackson hyung...blah blah blah"  "Mian yugyeomie what did you say?" I asked but he mumbles "It's nothing...." I sigh as I see Yugyeom walking away then I hear " hurry up! we're going home!!" "Ahh I'm coming!" I said as i ran after the other members... Meanwhile ~Aseel's POV~ Maybe I should have said no since the beggining...aissh I mumter to myself as my eyes started tearing s**t I look for my phone and started to listen to some kpop on the way home...Aissh why am i like least I have an excuse for crying when i get home.... In Steff's house ~Steff's POV~ I give Tanny a longer hug then I started teasing her. Her face started to grow reder and reder "Omg Tanny you looked like a tomato!!" I said teasingly then She looked at me as if she's thinking deeply  then she said "Steff...what do you think about Yugyeom?" she asks seriously but I acted dumb and said "Hahaha what are you talking about?? Me and Yugyeom? you can't be serious.." my voice started to fade "but two looked great together...what a shame..." Tanny said as i bit my lip..i lied...why can't i tell Tanny that I find him cute? i wonder... ~Tanny's POV~ I talk to Steff for a while then i hear my phone ring "eomma? ah ne i'm coming right now saranghae" then i said to Steff "That was Mom..she said to come home quickly" "Waeyo is something wrong?" Steff said "Aniyo She just wanted me to buy some stuff on the way home..and the super market is going to close in  half an hour!" I said "See you tomorrow" she said when i was getting out of her house...Aw man when will these chores end? Then I think about Jackson....what is he doing right now? what does he like? what does he dislike? i really want to know more about him... In Got7 Dorm ~Jackson's POV~ When the other members got home. Mark was acting weird..It's none of my buisness i thought. Then I walked towards Yugyeom "Yugyeomie~" I said acting cute "What is it, hyung?" he asked. I pout "Do you know a girl in your class called Tanny Thomas?" I whisper in his ear. He made a weird sound then blushed "Ah ne, why are you asking about her though?" he said loudly and all the other members looked at us "Jackson hyung is interested in a freshman!!" they all teased " it's nothing" i said while walking away towards  my room...I lay in my bed thinking about her. She was cute and her smiles was so warm...I've never met such a person before..I wonder what does she thinks of me? Handsome? Hot? a fool? What is she doing right now? does she like me?.....with all these thoughts i slowly drift to sleep... ~Mark's POV~ I walked to my room, got my blanket and pillow, I'll be sleeping on the couch for today because I don't want see him right now...I'm jerlous of that freshman...I felt tears slowly forming and some of them felt cold againest my cheeks...Why would he never pay any attention to me? first Amber now this freshman girl...I stayed up all night looking through our pictures together. I ever watched some of our MARKSON Show *Time Skip* After a few hours which felt like days I went to Jaebum's room to wake him up- Jaebum is one of the people who helped me when i was going through a lot, i consider him as a best friend who i tell all my secrets- "Jaebum-sshi, wake up!" After my fifth try he finally woke up "Ah Morning Mark, you look tired, didn't sleep yesterday huh" he said while waking the other members then i stopped him "Ah I just want to talk to you...can we talk outside?" I said then he nodded and followed me "So...?" Jaebum asked..I take a deep breath as i say " got a thing for Jackson....." I said slowly and quietly..Jaebum doesn't say anything as if telling me to keep going "And I told him....that i'll never give on him...ever" I said "Hold on a second, did you tell him 'I love you'?" Jaebum that i think about it....i've never said it....i shook my head and replyed "...but that wouldn't change anything..." " don't know because you never tried" he said and that made me feel a lot better...I give him a bro hug "Komoyo, chingu" he nodded and we walked back towards the dorm...


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