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When it's Friday, you really need to find a reason to celebrate so as not to treat it like a terribly gloomy Monday.
And in case you have no idea, here's a thought: Netflix, Cristal Brut Champagne and Rock Candy Pop.
I'm just excited that the week is over, we're officially in Spring, and SoCal is raining down glorious, crisp sunshine on me. Nobody is going to stand in the way of my rainbow.

What are you going to be celebrating and how?

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Celebrating the fact that the week is over 馃帀 with some good food, movies and a maybe a drink ^_^
I definitely will! I heard that was great as well. The last series I watched on Netlfix was Jessica Jones and I was addicted.
Watching anime
@marshalledgar it needs to be good after a long week :)
gonna celebrate it wid my bed nd pillows ( rolling,sleeping, jumping) we can do whatever we want to in it
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