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Think Twiggy.

And just LOOK at how amazing it looks! Mod style makeup and cut creases are just amazing.
I've hesitated from doing one because I don't think I have the makeup skills yet, and I worry that it'll just look like I don't know how to blend my makeup, lol! But really, the more I look at it, I think my makeup base is kind of similar to this - I've always lined my bottom line & put mascara on my bottom lashes!

So many styles!

I came across this pic of a magazine article about the kinds of cut creases you can pull off, and I think they're all pretty groovy!

What makes up a mod look?

- Bare lips, often covered with foundation
- Otherwise, nothing too bold on the lips
- ALL the focus on the eyes!
- Mascara is a MUST - letting lashes clump up like false eyelashes (or just wearing falsies!) is a MUST too!
- Dark crease line was left as a sharp definite line – it wasn’t blended or smudged at all – and was applied in an arch from inner eye to outer eye.
- Eye makeup was heavy, harsh almost - and that's where the cut crease comes in!
- Bold geometric patterns and black and white
- Dark eyeliner alllll over the place!
- It's all about the DRAMA!

The Lashes MATTERED!

I feel like it's less common for people who aren't makeup gurus to wear falsies on the regular, but I actually love wearing them! I only really put them on for cosplay makeup or when I really need a dramatic look for an even, but wearing them daily would be so fun (and a ton of work, but I feel like it would get easier!)
I would LOVE to see cut creases that have some more attitude & drama to them coming back a little bit! Of course our current day darker crease looks actually come from the cut crease (this really wasn't done before then!) but still, I love the more definite lines.

I'm gonna try these tutorials out this weekend as a start ^^

Pair this with @HairConfetti's beehive hair & you've got a full 60s look!! ;)
@TessStevens That's awesome hahaha!! I have pretty thick lower lashes too so i have always kind of piled on the mascara and gotten a verrrryyyyy toned down version of this. My mom does the same, so I never realized that a lot of people don't do so XD I love teh look of it, though!
Twiggy is gorgeous!!! I wish I had fuller lashes to rock this look. There's always falsies but it takes so much more effort to get them on!
I used to do this kind of makeup all the time in middle school, like I used to draw the little lines under my eyes all the time! Named my cat after Twiggy she is such an incredible super model!
@HairConfetti Yeah, totally agree, they take so much work haha. I like wearing falsies but I am lucky enough to have a ton of lashes without them too.