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I'm glad @poojas gave us a screenshot challenge so I can share the saddest farm with all of my Vingle buds. Above, you can see one of my settlers just crying into the dirt because he's a lost cause and doesn't listen to me when I tell him he's supposed to be in charge of the goddamn drink stand I made.
I also included a screenshot (below) of what my player character looks like:
If you can't tell. My character is pretty upset because Codsworth is just standing there doing nothing while that other guy has a cornstalk coming out of his shoulder. Someone should get him some help. Maybe I'll build a doctor-place so he can get that looked at.
(Also, I look exactly like my character except more handsome -- if you can imagine me more handsome than I already am, heh heh)
Anyway, I'm going to tag some other folks just in case you guys haven't seen the challenge!
Is nudity allowed in this thread? I have this patch, you see..
Awww the farm is not that bad. And you should totally build that doctor-place soon! Thanks for participating in the challenge, moderatorator!