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When rough things happen in life, you hope there are people around you who will pick you up. Lucky for this dog who survived a fire, a firefighter was there to save him not once, but twice!

It's time to meet Jake and his rescuer Bill Lindler!

Meet Jake.

Jake was three weeks old when he became trapped inside a burning building. Firefighter Bill Lindler saved the small puppy. Jake survived, but had burns on about 75% of his body. Jake's owners couldn't afford the expensive vet bills to care for Jake and they abandoned him. When Bill Lindler heard that the puppy he had saved might need saving again, he stepped up to the plate and adopted Jake.

He is now a member of the fire department.

Under the love and care of Bill Lindler, Jake soon recovered. He recently became an official member of the Hanahan Fire Department, as shown with this K-9 oath of office seen pictured above.

Jake is serving his community.

Jake now travels around to local schools to help teach young children about the importance of fire safety. Bill Lindler said he would like to get Jake certified as a therapy dog to help young children who are burn victims, but right now he is focusing on training Jake to be an arson detecting dog.

What a truly heart-warming story!

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I bet he'd make a great therapy dog!
@shannonl5 yes definitely! I hope he becomes one!