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Is that Taylor Swift???

No! That's Korean makeup artist Park Hye Min known popularly on YouTube. She's so crazy talented that she successfully transformed herself into Taylor Swift and the results are brilliantly scary. Though contouring one's face is a skill that many try to emulate, nothing comes close to the makeup genius that is found in this YouTube video. From the colored contacts, to the red lips, to the wig, to the eyebrows, to the generic facial structure, it's all spot on. I'm amazed.
The video is approaching 600,000 views with almost all positive comments. The minute Min started to paint light freckles on her face, I had completely fell in awe. Makeup is a very transformative kind of tool and some people are truly talented at their craft. PONY Makeup is known for it's bold color choices and flawless complexions created in every video. However, this could be the most shocking yet.

Check out the video here!

Do you think Min looks like Swift?

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Yes! Make up can really transform you!
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Scary yet cool. This is reality of make up can do. Keep it in mind :p
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now asian girls dying to look white can now achieve the anime goal
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I think she looks better than talor swift.... just being offense
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