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I've been diving into a lot of new music especially KHH & KR&B. If you need some new music this is what I've been listening to lately.
I've recently become a Dean fan. His music is really good and he speaks English !! He was recently in America (not sure if he's still here or not. But I don't think he is) Anyway his first EP 130 mood: TRBL came out yesterday and I've had it on constant repeat. It's rumored that this EP will be a visual album. Meaning that there will be a music video for every song. There's one MV that I've already seen and it's for the song Bonnie and Clyde. It's a very trippy video so if you get headaches easily this MV is not for you銋嬨厠 But my favorite song from this album is actually the outro 馃槉
The next artist is HANHAE. I found his music through someone I follow on tumblr and I came across his MV for the song 雮搓皜 鞚措灅 (I use to) and I fell in love with it. It's a song I can relate to also. That's another reason why I loved it. I honestly think that HANHAE is worth listening to!
Jay Bum Park. He's not exactly new to me and I'll be seeing him in about two weeks actually ! But he came out with a new song called 靷嫟鞚(the truth is) It's a really, REALLY cute song and I fell in love with the MV. Not the typical Jay Park MV but I'm happy with it anyway really creative.
This man. Oh this man. I love him and this song. It's pretty amazing and I really have nothing else to say. It speaks for itself.
Last but not least My husband. Bang Yongguk. His solo songs he releases on soundcloud are really my life. I absolutely love them. But my ultimate favorite has to be "X" (yes that's the actual art work for it) His deep voice makes the song even better. And the lyrics 馃槏! He doesn't currently have an MV for this and it's kind of a good thing because if it had one idk how it would be 馃槼. You know due to the lyrics.
His other song that he has on soundcloud is "AM:44". This song isn't has explicit or as sexual as "X" but it sounds kind of worrying. When listening to the song without reading the lyrics, it would sound like any slow song. But the lyrics almost sound as if he was depressed during the time he wrote it. "The heavy weight carried on two shoulders Nobody would know how scary the mask I wear is" "Every night I spend my lonely nights with bad thoughts No one needs to hold me so I shut my mouth tight With a glass of soju I anesthetize the sadness in the end its all one thing When I finally read the lyrics I realized how sad he was and how much his heart was hurting. My fans hold my two hands and hold me so I wont fall This lyric makes me proud to be a Bangster (Bangs name for his fans) and a BABY(B.A.P fandom name) because as most of you know BAP went through some shit the past few years and its kind of crazy that they even came back but Im glad they did.
But thats a wrap. I hope you found some new artists you may not have known of or just some new music ! MY TAGS: @ChelestiEdwars @Lizzeh @meeshell @Baekyeol27 @XtinaHsing @ThePinkPrincess @Kieuseru @AnnahiZaragoza @aishaaakp @SunnaWalo @SarahVanDorm @NerukaWong @emilyanpham14 @kyokeo @gauhuaYang @exokpop12385 @adetoro @YaehyungV @armystarlight @kpopandkimchi @julissaMartinez @jasminewilliams @kyky97 @christianliu @babrajan1 @yeseniaf @krin @skyrollins @btsgotshinee @xsandos17 @xxygxx @3secondsofhope @mayracastro @seventeenbias @ryannkayla @elinwyatt @nell03 @mandynoona @amandamuska @alittlejoy @saraortiz2002 @exobts947 @kpopgaby @johnevans @creetheotaku @sarangseoitang @xojuliettexox @clovershadows @vixenvivi @Elena166 @DevonArce @Annahizaragoza @AshleyAndino @valerie816 @Sharong @amandamuska @Kyokeo @JasmineWilliams @AlittleJoy @VKookie47 @shannonl5 @SunnaWalo @staceyholley @Baekyeol27 @xXYGXx @krin @thePinkPrincess @dancingdazzler @exokpop12385 @kellyOConner @jessicaschnpike @kpopdeluxegirl @katmejia @amandamuska @emilypeacock @dawanamason @shellyvargas @ivyheart13 @maddiedo @karolinatrevino @sarahvondorn @malihaahmed @falselove @Eliortiz13 @KrystaDaricek @valerie816 @justcallmekyki @tracylynnn @krystadaricek @eliortiz13 @mercii @ilikehisface123 @bnrenchilada @carolinacastane @CrystalGuerra @Sammyjuicoooo @KaylaStokes @Jessicalista @SierraBecerra @dchapple45 @MsLoyalHeart @ilikepancakes @mindeji @jessivacheung97 @alliepiecul @terenailyn @jaznasquez22 @ivyheart13 @lashonda0917 @swarrier16 @Maddie27 @toppdogg @clstap1 @BAbrajan1 @JessikaLuna @maddiedo @amandamuska @KendraReeve @Keniaaxox @Beckah1327 @Kyokeo @jjrockstar @xojuliettexox @KendraReeve @Keniaaxox @karinajune1017 @tinathellama @rosajlm2 @RavenQueen0810 @JayDay @KeziahWright @LenaBlackRose @taehyungv @MelinaHernandez @jessicacheung97 @Journ505 @queenlele @DxstinyNicolx @KeylaMoreno @GamerKyumin @myaisnotsexy @MadAndrea @PatriciaS @KaeliShearer @reyestiny93 @DxstinyNicolx @Sammyjuicoooo @maddiedo @reyestiny93 @DxstinyNicolx @Sammyjuicoooo @maddiedo @DinaEXO @PizzaPanda19 @EmilyPeacock @cutiecookie @Journ505 @zzzdonk @tinathellama @MsLoyalHeart @CarlaAcosta @UnnieCakesAli @DeannaWalker @Valerie816 @KaeliShearer @CindyHolguin @EniorehFrancois
@emhoover1993 It's out now!
@emhoover1993 no it hasn't! I used an illegal downloader 馃槉 I smile because I also bought the hard copy
Dean is amaaaaaazing did you see his SXSW performance of Bonnie and Clyde? Man so awesome I love him! Def gonna check out these other artists too! 馃榿馃榿馃榿
Is his ep nit on iTunes? I'm trying to find it.
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