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We need members for our guild and would like if anyone would want to meet new people and have fun. Just comment if you want to be in it, and if you want what kind of magic you think or would like to have in case we role play and please comment your WeChat account or kik account or both that's fine. If you want a sibling and if someone volunteers they will have a sibling too if you want to be a dragon slayer you are allowed an exceed. If you want some ideas make sure to tell them to me I would love to hear them. Remember this is a family and just like Fairy Tail respect everyone and be nice. You are all special and amazing in the guild. You can always vent to us or talk about something that is troubling you. We are always here to help. Rules/Things to know 1. Never hurt your fellow guildmates purposefully. 2. Always stick up for each other. 3. Be kind to everyone 4. Once your in the guild, you're in it for life,so choose wisely 5. If you are inactive or hardly on you won't be banned, you will always have a spot it the guild so don't worry. 6. No complaining about the guild, this guild means a lot to me. 7. There isn't a limit to members. However, I will make the call of the doors will be opened or closed. The only reason for that is either too many people are talking or not enough. 8. I am not in favor of choosing people to be like my assistant or whatever. That will make others feel left out which is something I don't wanna do. 9. The guild won't be official until there are 10 members.(we have 10 members right now) 10. Perverted talk is not allowed. Of course there won't be any banning here, but if you do talk about things like that Ichiya will haunt your dreams xD. 11. If cussing is allowed on the site it's allowed here. As long as you aren't cussing at your own guildmates. 12. You are a wonderful, amazing, brilliant, special and everything in between person. We would like to ask anyone who wants to join our guild to leave their username in the comments or you can contact me on WeChat, my username is Aggiethelovabledrago. if you still wanna join kik my user name is LadyS2805.
man i wish i had a kik now 馃槚
if anyone feels like commenting their username it would help a lot thank you
XD don't worry it's fine I was thinking lol
Sorry aggie 馃槀 already in!
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