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The world of football lost a legend today. Johan Cruyff (aged 68), who was known for his creative playing style and great footwork, passed away today after a short battle against cancer. Cruyff was known for playing with Ajax and Barcelona, and won the European footballer of the year three times.
The Dutch Football Association, regarding the Dutchman’s death, said: “Words can hardly be found for this huge loss. Cry was the greatest Dutch footballer of all time and one of the world’s best ever.”

It’s a truly sad day...RIP Johan Cruyff.

Here is a short GIF of the famous "Cryuff Turn”.

I wish that before all the matches that are being held this week, they take a moment to honor Cryuff and the victims of the horrible terror attack at Brussels Airport.
@orenshani7 Ahhh well I'm Michael, the Sports community moderator here on Vingle! Do you like any other sports?
@mchlyang , not that much.
@orenshani7 Yeah...such a sad day. You a soccer fan?
@DavidGom He was one of the greatest football players of all time
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