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Borders the next song on SM station is a synth hip hop song that talks about being strong and not losing hope. Honestly we need more songs like this. It tells us to love ourselves and not bend to the standards people set on us.
It's sad that she was apprehensive about singing this song. Borders gives us a glimpse of what she really feels about being different...It must be hard for her when she is different from the stereotypical kpop idol. I love it how she stands strong even after the rumors and bullying and doesn't change herself...This song is such a motivational song and I believe a lot of kpoppers can relate too, we are often judged for our taste in music and pushed apart for being weird and this song tells us to embrace ourselves as we are XD

Check out the video below....

So what did you guys think about Borders? Do kpop idols need to break the stereotypical views people have?