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*I couldn't pick one picture* Fluff: Coffee (Suga) Angst: Punishment (mystery), Dear Hoseok (Jhope) ********************************************** He had always been there for you. When your ex-boyfriend broke up with you, you were devastated. But he was always there to cheer you up. He just had that personality. He made jokes and just lived freely. You admired that about him, and how he taught you how to live like that. Ever since then you two had gotten closer. You had never been happier. Slowly you realized your feeling had developed from friendship to something more. However, to keep him happy and to guarantee you could stay by his side, you swallowed those feelings down. Yet here you two were, alone in his apartment like normal, just watching TV. Lounging around on the couch in his lap you could barely focus on what was happening on the screen. "Y/N..." he said turning off the TV. As you turned your head to face him, he ended up making your while body face him. "I've been wanting to say this for a while..." "Y- yes?" you hesitated because he seemed so confused as if he wasn't sure he really wanted to say it. Not only that but those feelings you had pushed down were coming to the surface making it really hard to concentrate. "Umm, actually.... wow this is hard. I... I like... you..." "Tae-" Before you could finish he cut you off, "If you don't feel the same way, please don't let it ruin our friendship! I don't want to lose you." "Taehyung, I was going to say..." you paused feeling heat rise to your cheeks as you looked up to see him staring intensely at you waiting for you to answer, you realized he also had a slight blush. "I've liked you for the longest time.... too." Before you could do anything else you felt him embrace you in a hug. "Thank God, I was so nervous." he said laughing. "Does this mean we're dating?" "I guess," you laughed, placing a peck on his nose. you snuggled closer to him on the couch. "Now what do you say we finish this movie?" you smiled. His eyes lit up as he turned the TV back on, "Of course!" * * * *
Ta-da!! I decided to split it even so now I have 2 angst and 2 fluff! Let me know if you want to be tagged in more. Which member should I do next??? @mrsjeon @AimeeH @MrsJungHoseok @SofiaFifi @UnnieCakesAli @HerosBells @igotswag @ParkHwaYoung @CindyHolguin @SugaMint @Eliortiz13 @maddiedo @Ain1011 @GreciaFlores
I mean write
so cute... Please tag me in anything else you right
gomawo! !!! and OHOHOH *rolls to go read*
@mrsjeon I'll make one of kookie after jimin and then I'll see if I can make another one for suga. the link for Coffee (which is sugas one shot fluff) is at the top of the card
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