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Hey HEY hey, Here is Chapter 4 Y'all! Her Social Media: Her Tumblr: slayyoongi Kpop Amino: yougotnojamz Vingle Name:@yougotnojamz WattPad: slayyoongi *NOTE* This story is not mine! Simply sharing. I did get permission from the Author Character Profiles: Link➡


Link----› ♡♢♡♢♡♢♡♢♡♢♡♢♡♢♡♢♡♢♡♢♡ Genre: Mafia AU Pairing: Reader/Jungkook. Others Characters in Chapter:  Taehyung, Jimin, Namjoon Length: 4105 words

Warning: Swearing, Violence, Intimacy

Summary: The love of your life wasn’t who he claimed to be Part: 4/? I sighed, looked around my apartment once more, and slipped out quietly. Locking the door, I quietly muttered to myself, “You’ll pay for this Jungkook”. 
Y/n’s POV My legs were liquefied jelly, so I opted for the lift.Where do I go? All my friends are out of town… I did have enough money to stay at a hotel, but I couldn’t pick one nearby- It’ll be the first place Jungkook would look when he realised I was gone. I wonder what he’ll do to Taehyung. Poor guys gonna freak. I grinned to myself. This whole situation was so bizarre. Then I realised how I had taken advantage of him, and the grin wavered a little bit. Then I imagined Jungkook shooting him, and the grin disappeared altogether.  24 hours ago I was a normal student. Living a normal life. With a normal boyfriend. Now I was like a fugititve, running away from a gang who would probably kill me on site. Jungkook included.Yet, I couldn’t bring myself to hate him. Despite him hiding everything from me, using me, being a threat to my family..I still loved him.Shows how messed up I am, right?  Getting out the lift, I eyed the glass doors that would lead me to the outside world warily. I didn’t know how gangs worked.. Was this place guarded? You have a godamn photographic memory y/n. Does anything look different? I peered outside- the only car missing was Jungkook’s and my neighbour who was on holiday. He’s nice.. probably has a normal job. But then again, they would seem normal.. I was being slightly paranoid, but then again, didn’t I kind of have a right to be? I braced myself (it was cold) and stepped outside. I seemed to be in the clear. Right, where do I go? I walked away from the apartment, past the parking lot, and turned right. Well I didn’t really have much choice, turning left was a dead end. I walked to the end of the street, already drenched from the stupid rain, and took another right. I figured, being in the crowded town centre, I’d be a lot safer than in these desolate backstreets. Where no one can hear you scream. Shut up y/n. This isn’t a horror movie, it’s reality. I had contemplated hiding out in the university, but not only would it be one of Jungkook’s top places to look for me, but I looked like a tramp. So thatwas out of the question.  I was deep in my thoughts when I looked up to cross the road, and that’s when I saw it. A sleek black car, with tinted front and back windows, stationary on the street, it’s back facing me. I stopped dead in my tracks. C’mon y/n. It’s probably nothing. But I knew the area the area well. And never had I seen that car before. It might just be visiting the area. Or it might be a new car. I glanced at the numberplate. Bought two years ago.My own words weren’t consoling me. I took my phone out my bag, still standing at the same spot, pretended to frown at it, as if I had read some directions wrong, and proceeded to turn around and swiftly walk in the opposite direction, away from the suspicious vehicle. Well damn y/n, you should be nominated for an Oscar. As tempted as I was to break into a run, I carried on speed walking, trying to play it off. In case the people in that car were dangerous, I didn’t want to give anything away. Suddenly, mixed in with the sound of the rain and the wind, I heard the distinctive roar of a car engine. Shit…SHIT. I started to walk faster and before I knew it I was jogging, not daring to turn back. I remembered the gun was in my bag, but it probably wasn’t wise to start waving a gun around on the street.  Maybe, they’re going to drive away. But, no, the sound only got louder, which meant it was getting nearer. There’s a corner shop right there! A few more steps y/n. Then you won’t be alone. Then I thought, wait a minute, dumbass they’ll have guns. What’s a 60 year old corner shop owner gonna do to protect you? Before I could get any further however, the offending vehicle swerved and stopped dead right in front of me, even though I was on the pavement. I gasped. Someone needs to revise their highway code. Even in times of terror, I was a sarcastic smartass.  Like I’ve mentioned many times before, I’m not stupid. In a race between me and a car, it was pretty damn obvious who would win, so I didn’t bother running. I didn’t scream either, because why? Why would I rile up these mysterious strangers? If you’re lucky, it might just be a blind grandma who swerved off the road. I just waited, heart pounding, suddenly completely oblivious to the rain and the wind. That was all just background noise. Both car doors opened simultaneously and I stepped back slightly in anticipation. And what came out was anything but a grandma. From the driver side emerged a tall man with light pink hair and from the side near me, a shorter (but still tall compared to me) man with orange hair- he really stood out on a grey and dismal day like today.Well hot damn..If they are part of the gang too, where do I sign up? Both were extremely good looking. But both also gave off tense vibes. and I could sense something was wrong. “Listen darling”, the shorter, orange-haired one spoke first, his voice a casual drawl. Hmm a smooth talker, eh? “We seem to be lost, you mind helping us out?” “Sure thing”, I smiled back and  replied just as easily, trying to hide how breathless I was, and I saw the tall one glance at his friend. The orange guys smile wavered for a millisecond and then it was back. “Firstly, the road’s over there”, I said pointing to the concrete next to us. “This is called a pavemen-” “Listen punk, I-”, the pink haired guy spoke up, clearly annoyed with my response. Mr Orange cleared his throat pointedly and threw him a dirty look. “Listen Namjoon, why don’t you wait in the car for us?” Namjoon, his name is namjoon. Hold up, did Orange just say “us?” I am NOT getting in the car. Is he crazy? I waited until Namjoon was in the car. I raised an eyebrow questioningly at Orange and asked “Us? What makes you think I’m getting in the car?” Orange’s eyes darkened as he smirked at me, before responded in a low voice. “Y/n, right? You are very important y/n”. The way he said my name made me shiver. He stepped closer, and I stepped back. It reminded me of this morning with Jungkook.  Jungkook. Where is he? What have I gotten myself into? “Listen, Orange, I have no idea what the fu-” His loud laugh cut me off, before I realised what I had called him. Out loud. I mentally facepalmed myself. “Orange? Nice name.” He moved closer, and this time, I stayed put. When he was sure I wasn’t going anywhere for the time being, he put his mouth to my ear and murmured “Orange..matches that pretty little dress of yours, doesn’t it?” “ It also matches the jumpsuits they wear in jail”, I retorted, even though I liked his voice, so close to me. He just smirked in response. “Your boyfriend’ll know all about that, doll. Unless we kill him first”. “ What? I mean, be my guest. I don’t have a boyfriend”. Nice job, y/n, I mentally praised myself. “Bullshit. Now be a good girl and don’t waste my time y/n”. I stayed quiet. Suddenly, a loud noise made me and Orange jump. Namjoon had sounded the horn. “Fuck! Namjoon, you bastard!”, Orange called back, his features contorted in anger. “Hurry up!” His deep voice bellowed back, the car muffling the volume. Orange ignored him. “Now y/n, tell the truth. You and Jungkook…” I flinched inwardly at the sound of Jungkook’s name, and slowly I realised what was going on. “Let me get this straight, Orange. You wanna kidnap me, in the hope that Jungkook has feelings for me and will come and rescue me and fall into some brilliant genius trap you’ve set for him?” Orange’s eyes narrowed and I let out a short, mocking laugh. “Well you’re out of luck. He doesn’t have feelings for me”. Orange smiled the biggest smile I had seen yet. “I doubt it doll, look at you. You could have any guy”. He leaned in again. “Hell, you could have me. That bastard isn’t even worth it.” I rolled my eyes, and started to turn around to walk away. “Thank for the relationship advice Orange, but I think I’ll pa-” “-Where do you think you’re going darling? “ He grabbed my arm, walked me towards the car, and I struggled until I realised he wasn’t pushing me in to the back seat. He knocked on the driver window twice and as if it was a secret code, Namjoon got out. He walked around the back of the car and walked behind me. My brows were too furrowed in concentration before I realised what had been niggling at me since this converstaion had started. I hadn’t told him my the hell did he know it? I looked up to ask him the same thing, despite the fact he had a vice-like grip on my arm, despite the fact that I was sandwiched between these two dangerous men, despite the fact that I knew Jungkook wasn’t going to come get me, I had to know how he knew my name. But before I could ask him, he leaned down until his face was level with mine, and breathed “ By the way doll, the name’s Jimin”. Jimin..I prefer orange. I saw him look behind me, at Namjoon who was towering behind me. Jimin gave him a subtle nod. He’s gonna do something, oh my god. Suddenly, the danger felt real. I started struggling again. Then, darkness took over.
Taehyung’s POV It was 2:00 before Taehyung finally came around. The left side of his head was throbbing, badly.What the hell happened? His eyes widened as he remembered the events that took place a few hours before. No no no NO, y/n! Don’t tell me she got out. Oh no, please.. Taehyung was off the sofa like a shot, the blood rushing to his head, which made him groan again. “Shit”, he whispered. His gun was missing. The keys were missing. He rushed to the door, only to find it locked. Y/n had really covered all the grounds. The only thing she had left was his phone, but as he stared at the screen, he knew y/n had read what time Jungkook was coming back. That bitch. i’m going to kill her. Or I’ll get Jungkook to kill her. Or I’ll kill them both godamnit. As angry as Taehyung was, his heart sank as he realised he had to tell Jungkook, before he got back. That way, at least he wouldn’t full on explode in rage. He sighed, the pain in his head showing no sign of going away. He vowed to himself he would get out of here and kill y/n. How dare she make a fool of him? She was no better than the whores in their line of work, the only difference was that she had a couple more brain cells.  He cursed her again before dialing Jungkook’s number. Here we go..
Jimin’s POV Jimin had bees sat in that car for half an hour, impatiently drumming his fingers on the steering wheel. He glanced at Namjoon, before scowling. He had an unlit cigarette dangling from his mouth. “Jesus Christ. Can’t you go half an hour without a damn cigarette?” Namjoon just glanced at him and fumbled around for his lighter.  “I didn’t ask to be here. You dragged me here. You could’ve gone alone”, Namjoon said gruffly. Jimin just turned away. “You’re strong. We might have to use force”. Namjoon scoffed in response. “She’s a little girl.” He mockingly turned to his friend. “Can’t Jiminnie take on a little girl?” “Shut it Namjoon. Or I can find another entry point for that cigarette”. Namjoon just chuckled in response.  Jimin went back to drumming his fingers glancing at the raer- view mirror. Why were they here? Well Yoongi’s gal, Yuri, had tipped them off. Apparently Jungkook was living with a girl…Someone called y/n. Yuri had taken Jungkook’s phone went he went to the bathroom, and she read through the textx between the two of them. Apparently she lived somewhere around here. Yoongi immediately latched onto this information, and sent Jimin there. But Jimin didn’t want to go alone- Just in case this y/n happened to be with Jungkook…he knew first hand that Jungkook was a nasty piece of work. Yuri probably had a fun night with that punk.Yoongi hadn’t heard from her since she had texted him about this y/n. What if…Jungkook found out she was a spy… Jimin shuddered. If Yuri was dead, Yoongi would freak. They all knew Yoongi didn’t have actual feelings for her. He was using her. Obviously. It was Yoongi. There was nothing loving about the man. But he was possessive- and Yuri was his bitch. Jimin’s thoughts were interrupted by movement in his peripheral vision. He glanced at the rear view mirror again. There was a girl wearing an orange dress, legs bare, absolutely drenched, Her coat was unzipped, so the dress was flapping manically in the wind. She was…well, wow. Jimin hadn’t seen any other girl like her.  Nothing suspicious about her..yet. Jimin kept looking. “Namjoon, keep an eye on that girl.” Namjoon looked up from his phone, his face the definition of confused. “Which girl?” Jimin looked at him in annoyance. “The only godamn girl on this street, you idiot! Look behind us!” Namjoon looked and his mouth formed an O shape, showing that he understood. Jimin just shook his head in response. Honestly. Suddenly, the girl looked up, presumably she was about to cross the road, when she spotted thier car. She froze. Jimin could see she was mentally calculating her next move. This must be y/’s got to be. Why else would she react like that?Jimin didn’t even notice she was carrying a backpack until she took it off, and took something out of it. “What’s she doing?”, Namjoon asked, a little too loudly. “Shh, I think she’s the girl Namjoon. Did you see her when she saw the car? I think that’s a phone she’s looking at.” Jimin was right. She frowned at the screen, before turning around to walk in the opposite direction. “Hahaha, did she think that was convincing?”, Namjoon laughed, while Jimin instinctively started the car, only to see her speeding up. A few metres away from her was a desolate corner shop, and Jimin knew she would probably try to run in there before they got to her. He took a sharp U-turn and revved the engine, to see her response, which was (unsurprisingly) to speed up. He had to stop her. By now he was certain it was her…y/n. He cut her off by driving right in front of her, mounting the pavement. He eyed her response, she hadn’t moved. She was trying to peer into the car with no avail, the tinted windows keeping their identity hidden from her. Jimin turned to Namjoon, and gave him a curt nod. Simultaneously, both men scrambled out of the car. Wow, she looks even better up close. Jimin was in awe. He did this on a daily basis, rounding up women Yoongi wanted revenge from (he wasn’t the groups smooth talker for nothing)..but none of them were like this. She looked like a student for god’s sake.  His anger at Jungkook grew- She was going to end up in a really bad situation, all because of him.  Yoongi sure as hell didn’t let people get away, no matter how cute they were. After a longer than necessary silence, which consisted of the two of them just staring at y/n, and her staring back, Jimin was the first to speak up.  “Listen darling”, he smirked when her eyes snapped up to meet his. “ “We seem to be lost, you mind helping us out?” Jimin knew the moment he spoke, that she knew something was up. So, he decided to have a little bit of fun before they got down to business. “Sure thing” , she replied just as easily , and for a second Jimin faltered. Why isn’t she scared?Or trying to run. Why is she smiling? But then, just as quick as it went, his smile was back.  “Firstly, the road’s over there”, she said, pointing to the road which Jimin had now made skid marks on.. “This is called a pavemen-”  Then Namjoon spoke up.“Listen punk, I-”Jimin retaliated by coughing. Why the hell did Namjoon never remember to keep his mouth shut. He told Namjoon to sit in the car. At least he won’t be a distraction in there. He conversed with her, and as he slowly moved closer he was a little surprised she didn’t move back. From what he could tell, she actually likedthe proximity between the two of them. He even laughed at one point, when she called him “Orange”. It wasn’t a fake laugh, like when he had to lure a woman while sweet talking her, it was a genuine laugh. Something Jimin hadn’t done in ages. Of course in typical Namjoon-style, he ruined the moment by beeping the horn. As much as that annoyed Jimin, he knew they were wasting time. The boss was waiting. So he sprang into action. He dragged her to the car and Namjoon followed his cue to get out. What y/n couldn’t see from her position was the baton Namjoon was holding behind him. He bent down to her petite size to look her right in the eye.  “By the way doll, the name’s Jimin”, before mentally adding sorry about this. He looked past y/n and nodded to Namjoon, who looked left and right, saw the street was still empty, and swung at the back of y/n’s head. Jimin knew that wasn’t all his strength-  that would be enough to kill her. He took one look at her limp body, her features were relaxed, almost angelic. The rain and cold had made her really pale. “I’ll grab her bag, you put her in the backseat”, Jimin ordered. “Not the boot?”, Namjoon asked, glancing at him. “No, Namjoon, when I say backseat, I mean backseat.” Namjoon inquired no further, although looked at his partner suspiciously. Jimin could sense his questioning gaze. They both knew Jimin always shoved bodies in the boot. But Jimin couldn’t explain to him why he was treating y/n differently. Because that’s what she was…different.
Jungkook’s POV The day had been going according to plan for Jungkook. Well, except the whole y/n ordeal, but he would take care of that later. She loves me. I…love her. Jungkook paused at the word love. Did he love her? He brushed off the thought. I’ll make her understand. He had dealt with the businessman quite quickly. Suho, his name was. The money he owed Jin was a 5 figure sum, and he had refused to pay it. He was hiding from them, but he had been sniffed out.  Jungkook climbed out the car and shot the two bodyguards with ease. While they both dropped, Jungkook confidently strode to the door of the seemingly abandoned building, taking note of the brand new car in the drive, and shot the lock. He kicked the door open. No sound. Suddenly Suho appeared, probably stepping out to see what all the commotion was. When he saw Jungkook he froze. “J-jungkook? How the hell did you-” “-You’ve been very naughty, haven’t you?” Jungkook asked softly, in a dangerous tone. Suho scowled at Jungkook, he hated the lack of respect Jungkook was giving him. Why would I respect a dead man? When Suho didn’t answer, Jungkook stepped closer and asked “Where’s the money? You’ve made the boss angry. And he doesn’t like to be angry.” “I don’t have it Jungkook. I told your boss as well, so tell him to listen before he starts sending around delinquents to threaten me.” Jungkook just smiled, his hand gripping the gun even tighter. “Bull. Shit” Suho swallowed before continuing. “Look around. Search the area. Turn the godamn place upside down, you won’t find a penny.” Jungkook didn’t take his eye off Suho. Of course he wasn’t going to give in Jungkook. Do what you have to and get out of here. Jungkook had other concerns, he couldn’t be dealing with this waste of space. “So”, Jungkook pondered out loud, a glint in his eyes. “You have money for this hideout. You have money for a new car. You have money for a new whore every night”, he hissed the last part, anger evident.  Suho’s nervousness had evaporated, his face consumed by annoyance. Jungkook didn’t care. He’d had enough. Bye bye. “How DARE you talk to m-” But Suho never got to finish his sentence. Can’t believe I had to waste a bullet for this. Jungkook stared at the body in disgust. He whipped his phone out, to quickly update Jin on the situation. He dragged the burly bodyguards and piled them up next to Suho, just in case someone drove by.  By the time Jungkook had got back in his car, ready to speed home to y/n, Jin had replied: Good. Well done. I’ll send someone to do a full house search later.Leave the bodies, I’ll send Hope.  Still need a plan to get rid of Yoongi. Speak later. Jungkook closed his eyes and sighed. The last thing he wanted to think about was that sly, conniving bastard. As far as he knew, Yoongi was still in the dark about the whereabouts of his traitor girlfriend. It was around quarter past 2, and Jungkook  was about ten minutes away from y/n’s apartment, hell-bent on talking to her and setting things straight, when his phone rang. He frowned at the caller ID. Why the hell is Tae ringing me? Jungkook took one hand of the wheel to put the phone on loudspeaker. “What is it Taehyung. I’m ten minutes away”. He recieved silence. He stopped the car when he heard how out of breath Taehyung was on the other end. A feeling of dread started forming at the pit of his stomach. “Taehyung…”. Suddenly Jungkook heard him blurt out. “It’s y/n. She got out.” “She WHAT?!” Jungkook practically screamed at him. “How the fuck..have you gone after her?” Jungkook was reeling from shock. This can’t be happening. Y/n loved him, so why did she run? “I can’t fucking go after her, I’m locked in, you cretin!” Taehyung seethed. “How did she outrun you? And why the hell haven’t you shot the lock, you idiot?”, Jungkook couteracted. It didn’t make sense. In a fight, a race, or anything physical, Taehyung would beat y/n hands down. “She..”, Taehyung was hesitating to word the next part, the words struggling to formulate in his mind. “..Kissed me. Took the gun. Bashed my head in with it. And I just woke up. Wanna know anything else?” Jungkook was silent, until Taehyung’s voice sneered at him, “Boy, y/n sure is a good ki-” “-Shut the fuck up Taehyung, or you’ll have more than a godamn lump on you’re head”, Jungkook growled. He was furious. Y/n was better than he gave her credit for. He didn’t think she had it in him to seduce another guy other than him. And to knock someone out. Even though he was silently impressed, he could only think one thing. She kissed him. His hands gripped the steering wheel, as he revved the engine. Taehyung must have heard the car, as the next thing he said was “You are coming to unlock the door? I need to hunt that bitch down. And don’t even try defending her!” “No, you won’t. Don’t touch her.”, Jungkook replied, his voice eerily calm. “What! Jungkook, get your head out of your ass and th-” “- Because I will.” Jungkook finished before hanging up. He eyed his gun. He had a few places y/n might go, but she would be one step ahead.What the hell did you do y/n? Jungkook started the car up again. He knew what he had to do. To Be Continued... ♢♧♢♧♢♧♢♧♢♧♢♧♢♧♢♧♢♧♢♧♢♧
Chapter 5 will be posted after this. I decided to post all of her chapters today so that y'all can anticipate the next one like me Lol ^-^ Also Just so everyone knows, she has posted all chapters on her Vingle Account if you'd like to go read them there too! :D ALSO, @yougotnojamz made a WattPad! :D If you guys have a wattpad and would like to read ahead make sure you go and follow her! :D Her wattpad name is up at the top next to social medias! I will still be posting her story here for those who dont have one ^-^ *GET READY FOR LIAR LIAR CHAPTER SPAM*

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