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Hey friends!
If you haven't already seen the original challenge card, you can check it out HERE!
Limbo is probably one of my favorite indie games of all time. It's a puzzle-platform with beautiful visuals and it's about a boy in search of his sister. He has to solve puzzles along the path and fight monsters to get to his sister. Monsters like...GIANT SPIDERS.
What you don't see in the above picture of the boy calmly encountering the spider is HOW MANY FREAKING TIMES I died at the hands...err, legs of the GIANT SPIDER OF DESTRUCTION. It took me FOREVER to time it right and get past the spider.
I would rather fight any other animal than get stabbed to death by a spider leg. T_T
Thanks to all of you lovely people who already participated!

And if you haven't participated yet, do it. We'd love to see what game you're playing.