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You need a fresh face or two in your flirt portfolio? Say no more. We've all been there.
When you're tired of all the same old undatables always hanging around, it's clearly time to get out there and meet some new people. But where should you look? And how do you make contact?
Worry about question #2 later. This card is all about where to go to scope out some cuties. ;)

The Beach

Beach season is coming up, and you know what that means: LIFEGUARDS!!! Shirtless men and ladies with great abs and a killer tan? YES, YES PLEASE. Go flirt with those red-suited cuties. But not by pretending to drown; that sadly doesn't work in real life. *sigh*

The Snack Bar

Places where you can get food in a casual atmosphere, say at a beach club or resort, are great for making new friends. Cute people need to eat too, you know, and for some reason people always seem really friendly and open to talking when they're at the snack bar. Maybe it's the delicious odor of french fries in the air.

On Vacation

Speaking of resorts, when you're on vacation, you're bound to see a BUNCH of cute people. That's when it always happens, right? When you're with your embarrassing family and thousands of miles from home, so there's no way you can possibly have a relationship with these people? Still, plenty of cuties, so it must be mentioned. Sharpen your flirting skills, have a fling, or just go check out more lifeguards.


Cute people can be found rock climbing, backpacking, scuba diving, surfing, skateboarding, camping, and doing all manner of outdoorsey stuff. Interesting, attractive people DO stuff. It's kind of the rule. So go do stuff too! You'll probably meet at least one cutie.

Walking The Dog

WHY DO CUTE PEOPLE ALWAYS HAVE CUTE DOGS?! I have no answer to this mystery. But go for a walk on the boardwalk or in the park, and meet some cute dogs. Follow their leash to find the cute person attached.
Also, this picture ^^^ ? DYING.

At Conventions

Go nerd out about stuff you love, and while you do, keep the cutie radar on high alert. Extra points for cuties in cosplays. Lots of cuties underfoot at these things. (Con-goers, can you all corroborate this, please?)

Online Dating Apps & Sites

I've seen and met and dated (well, "dated") some extremely cute cuties found by online means. Nice guys, too. One narrowly missed the Olympic rowing team. Imagine the arms, people!! Do a little swiping, just to see. Datability I can't vouch for, but arms? No problem.

The Gym

Yeah whatever people always talk about meeting people at the gym. I just like to scope out the cuties. Especially the trainers. MUSCLES, PEOPLE. ARMS. Just bounce around on the elliptical for an hour, break out the binoculars, and see what kind of cutie booty you can spot. It's a jungle in there.

Weird Lame Parties

Sometimes it behooves you, oh cutie spotters, to go somewhere you can meet all your friends' friends and bask in a bit of awkwardness. It might be a lame party, but that doesn't mean there aren't going to be cuties there. Somebody's bound to bring their hot older cousin one of these days. Take a chance. It's good for you.

(Certain) Bars

Ugh, even though it's the worst way to meet people ever, sort of. I reeeally really liked my school's student bar for meeting people, because the patrons were all cute friends of friends I used to ogle in class. And then, lo and behold, there they were, clutching a beer and waiting for me to saunter over and work my magic. Or, you know, gaze longingly at them from afar. That works too. This is cutie watching 101, after all.
Feeling ready to go meet some new cuties? Or anybody have better tips than me? I'm always open to that. Comment your favorite cutie-scoping destinations.
And cuties, if you're listening – where oh where do you hang out? Please share your fave locales with us. We want to go to there. So we can watch you eat things and talk to people much cooler than us. <3
The library! I met a really sweet guy I dated for a while after we kept seeing each other in the library at school :)
Awww @sophiamor that's so cute :) That's definitely a good place to scope out some cuties!!