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(photocred: Made In L)

Infinite's Myungsoo is my airport fashion spirit animal.

(photocred: 얼루어 엘)

He's all about comfort and love wearing hoodies or cardigans so he can snuggle on the plane.

(photocred: Colorful Words)

The black jeans/black shirt look is perfect because he can dress it up or down with a simple change.

Dark blazer? Suddenly he's airport chic!

(photocred: Mon Chouchou)

He also is a big fan of leather jackets which is definitely my style too.

(photocred: Brilliante)

And in summer? Loose clothes and black shorts. You still look put together but you're totally cool.


Basically, black on black is EVERYTHING and you will always look good.

Here's an outfit suggestion I made based on L's style!

How else would want to live in this outfit?!

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I dress like that all the time at the airport but my mom thinks it's not appropriate!! I just want to be comfortable on the plane!
Looking sharp as always. He is so handsome though.
style muse ♡♡♡
I would definitely wear all those things!! Just not the shorts, I'm not really a shorts person but black and dark clothes are the best!!! ^-^