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An amazing anime that involves vampires is known as Vampire Knight. Within this anime we see ups and downs of the students of Cross Academy! The day students are just mere humans while the student of the night class are much more (though the humans don't know this). Yuuki the main character is in the Day class with Zero a guy she grew up with since she was small. Kaname is a vampire but, not just any vampire. He's vampire royalty and has stolen many hearts. He however doesn't have eyes for anyone.. why we must ask?! Well let's find out This will be of the 3 Main Ships of Vampire Knight. So... which ship has one over the majority of this animes heart?! Let's find out below in comments ❀ Once you've read through this please leave your fave ship in the comments below!! Photos are not mine. All rights reserved for original artists
Kaname x Yuuki At the beginning of the anime Kaname and Yuuki seem to not be very close that is til your learn the history about her. Yuuki Cross isn't just a mere human.. heck she isn't even a Cross. Truth is Yuuki is Kaname's little sister. When Yuuki was younger she was in terrible danger resulting in her mother giving her life to seal away Yuuki's vampire side/essence. After this happened Kaname brought Yuuki to Cross Academy to be raised by Kaien Cross under his protection. Yuuki is betrothed to Kuname hence the reason he is so protective towards her! So many cute moments between these two. Has this ship won your heart?!
Zero x Kaname Both Vampires with total opposite personalities. You know what they say though... opposites attract! Zero is a vampire hunter that became a stronger hunter once his family was killed by a pure blood vampire. However he is a vampire himself as this vampire turned him. On the other hand Kaname is a Pure Blood vampire. Vampire royalty as he was born a vampire. He is the head of the Night class at Cross Academy and what he says go. So.. we have a vampire hunter and vampire royalty.. hmm. But they do have other things in common. They both would give their lives to keep Yuuki safe as she means EVERYTHING to them. So how about it! Have these two won your heart?!
Zero x Yuuki One a Vampire Hunter who is a Vampire himself and the other her grew up thinking she was human and later finds out she is a vampire. Not just any vampire though.. Vampire Royalty! A pure blood vampire. These two grew up together since they were young. At first Zero isn't very open to be close to Yuuki but that doesn't stop her. Yuuki keeps working and eventually works her way into his heart. Zero and Yuuki have so very special close moments through out Cross Academy grounds. Need I say more?! Yuuki and Zero.. have they won you over?! Remember to comment below!
I πŸ’— Zero x Zero πŸ˜‹
Kaname x Zero β€πŸ˜‹
Hahaha @Teddii
ikr 😒 I felt bad for zero @KaminariHana
Zero x Yuuki The ending left me feel.....not satisfied
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