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My monthly subscription box of South Korean snacks came in today.
Sunflower Chocoball: Roasted sunflower seeds covered in chocolate.
The chocolate was like a shell on an m&m not over powering. the sunflower is still the power player you get more of the sunflower taste than chocolate.
OH YES strawberry: Moist chocolate covered cake with whipped strawberry cream.
Very good i actually had no hope for this because in previous boxes the cakes was dry. This cake is soft nicely sweet the Whipped strawberry cream was more like jam/jelly. I would so buy this!
Butter Ring: A deliciously sweet and buttery cookie great for tea time.
You can't go wrong with a butter cookie. These are so good buttery sweet just all around good. I would stock up on these!
Rare Cheese Heim: Cream cheese in a crispy wafer great frozen for a cheesecake taste
When it comes to cakes and pastry's this has all the things i steer clear of cheese and lemon. This taste like the vanilla wafer cookies that old people love to give kids. LOL thats the only way i can explain this one.
Max-presso: An instant on the go option for coffee lovers
Nurungji candy: A traditional Korean treat scorched rice flavored candy. A great balance of sweetness starchy nuttiness.
I wonder how they got this to taste just like scorched sweet rice. When you suck it long enough it starts to taste like burnt popcorn or toffee then the rice come back.
Honey Almond Crackers:A sugary cracker with flakes of almonds infused with a hint of acacia honey great with tea or coffee.
These were really pretty to look at the sugar and almonds on the cracker looked delicious. Of course the only thing i could do was look at it nut allergies suck :(
Saecomdalcom: A sweet and sour soft taffy candy
I need more of these in my life they're like Now or Latters the candy just soft and chewy. It seems like the more you chew the chewier it gets truly some Willy Wonka stuff here. I love it sweet and sour goodness.
BBUKGYUNG JJAJANG: Classic Jajangmyun soupless noodles with black bean sauce.
(lol i didn't make my bed yet don't judge me)
When I saw this I got so happy! This is like one of the things always eaten in running man and infinite challenge two of my favorite shows. I can see why it's a favorite to serve to kids it's not salty or sweet but has a mild taste. It seems to be complementary to the side dish eaten with it. I paired mine with sauteed broccoli rabe and it was delicious.
SSAL LO BYUL: Light crispy bite size rice cracker.
This took a few tries but it's really good at first it tasted like something that had been scorched and sprinkled with garlic and sesame oil. It tricks you, you think it's going to be sweet but it's savory. I mixed it with the sunflower seeds for a sweet and salty snack.
COCO PODO: All natural juice made out of fresh grapes it has pulp jelly.
Not bad at all it taste just like a Capri sun the pulp is like a jelly consistency with no real taste on its own. I would buy this on a hot day.
All in all this box was good i'm still a big fan of the February box but each one is a new experience. Did anyone pick up a box this month or upgrade to the deluxe box? My faves in this box JJajang myun, Saecomdalcom (taffy), Butter ring and OH YES strawberry cake i would buy all of those if i had the option.
these all look tasty lolol
These look awesome. I want to try the Nurungji candy!