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I have a quiz tomorrow in my Japanese class on the verbs in the chapter we're on. Hopefully this will help me remember them better and help others learn some new verbs of a different language! :)
うる(売る) uru to sell
おろす(下ろす) orosu to withdraw (money)
かく(描く) kaku to draw; to paint
さがす(探す) sagasu to look for
さそう(誘う) sasou to invite
しゃべる(no kanji version listed in textbook) shyaberu to chat
つきあう(付き合う) tsukiau to date (someone); to keep company
ほけんにはいる (保険に入る) hoken ni hairu to buy insurance
つく(着く) tsuku to arrive
I may do a follow up conjugation card later. That will tell you how to say the verbs in certain forms. (past tense, te form, tai form, masu form, etc.) Basically how to use them and change them in Japanese sentence structures. These verbs here are in dictionary form. Wish me luck!