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harsh reality... please dont crush my dreams,
all hopes crushed, utter dispair, regret, fate knows no mercy.....
selflessness, an act of kindness, poetic, tragic,
hope will prevail! she is the law of the cycle, she is a god! but.... was this really who she was meant to be, why..... why did she jave to leave behind everyone she holds dear and ler them forget?
she never got to rest her soul, not a sliver of piece but when it was time for it all to end she never let go of hope she never felt despair, It was love that drove her into her fate. she undermined a god thus she could only be a deamon....
Puella Magi Madoka Magica and the Movie: Rebellion
comment moments that you balled your eyes out during an anime, or make a card too. I cry when did you cry?