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At the peak of its demand in 2011, one copy of '50 Shades Of Grey' was sold per second of the day. Now, five years later, as the hype died down, it's found a whole new kind of popularity - as the most common book donated to thrift stores.
Now if you're trying to run a thrift business, maybe being stuck with mountains of '50 Shades of Grey' wouldn't be your cup of tea. However, a charity bookshop in Wales has gotten a bit creative with them by building their very own '50 Shades' book fort.
The thrift store began building the fort as a way to dissuade further women in the community from continuing to donate the book to their shop.
Owner Phil Broadhurst told local news this week that his thrift store is quickly becoming a 'retirement home' for the '50 Shades' book and its sequels, adding that:

"We appreciate all the donations, but less '50 Shades' and more 60s and 70s vinyl would be good."

So the next time you (or your inner goddess) decide to do away with your dusty copy of '50 Shades Darker', think about the Welsh and their poor book fort, would you?
Hahahahaha this is actually a great campaign, and a good use for the book!
@Animaniafreak HAHA That's hilarious.
Lol our local library has a sign up, refusing to accept the 50 shades book.
That's hilarious! Considering how badly written it is, I wouldn't want it donated either.