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So this happened yesterday.

During the spring training game against the Cubs, Bumgarner pitched a strike and it seemed like Heyward was saying something back to Bumgarner.
And Bumgarner's like....what?
You bro, are an amazing pitcher. So good.
Me? Are you serious? I already know that. Tell me something that I don't know!
Hey ump, I complimented him and he's mad at me? What is this?
Hey, hey now. I was just making sure ;)
Well that is exactly not what happened...Heyward was apparently talking to his teammate, Dexter Fowler on second, not Bumgarner. There was just a bit of misunderstanding between MadBum and Heyward.
But we do know that MadBum is the best pitcher in the league right now. He just needs to stay healthy and do his stuff! I'm loving the fire from these guys...and it's only spring training!
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Hahaha I saw that.....Bumgarner still thinks the Cubs were stealing signs