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Lovelies, Here it is, Chapter Three, the introduction to the leading man. Enjoy! Em p.s. If you want to read the rest, check out Ch. 1, and Ch.2

Chapter Three

Several floors above, He paced in front of his wide window, thinking of his day. It was even crazier than hed wanted it to be. Hed taken this apartment, thinking it was out of the way enough that he might get some peace. Hed been getting phone calls all day, interview requests, and multiple attempts to contact him. He didnt want any of it. Itd been two years since hed seen most of the people, and not only that, hed been away from the press, away from the bullshit that came with being a member of an internationally known boy band. Finally he pulled out his phone, holding it out and snapping a selca, eyes shut, pretending to sleep leaning against the glass of his apartment. Posting it, he disconnected the battery and tossed the now useless phone and battery on the table beside his couch; flopping back on it. He let his arm reach out for the remote sitting on the table. He whined slightly, wiggling his body around to get it within his grasp, his arms pumping skyward to celebrate the small victory. He pressed the button on the pad, watching as the television flickered to life, illuminating the room around him further. He raised his eyebrows as a picture of himself popped onto the screen. He scrabbled slightly to turn the volume on, listening to the report, how he was still obviously Choi Siwon, even in his sweatpants. He let out a long sigh, pressing the button on the remote again, the television blacking out of existence. Staring at the empty screen, he mindlessly thought about what hed done, whether he remembered anyone snapping pictures of him. There wasnt anything exceptional about his day really, Hed moped around his apartment, then went out to get milk and a few cups of ramen. There was obviously someone who had just moved into the building, hed seen her coming in this afternoon, suitcase in hand. Who lived in a place like this with only that amount of clothes and belongings? He didnt dwell on it, it obviously didnt really effect him. It bothered him a bit though, he thought he knew everyone who lived here, at least by face, if not by name. He knew that they knew why hed decided to live there… The inhabitants of this building were mostly older women and men, or young couples starting out their lives. It didnt really scream problem but something about not knowing this person made him uneasy. Rather than sit around and be bothered, he sat up, wandering until he found the phone connected to the desk downstairs. Lifting it, he sighed slightly and explained the situation, asking his question of the doorman, and was rewarded by an answer he hadnt expected. A short term resident? Taking over the end of the lease from MinHa in 702. He didnt know they were allowed to do that, but, theyd gone through the right pathways, shed been vetted, even had an interview before shed been allowed to move. He thanked the doorman and hung up. Her name… it hadnt been Korean. Itd been in English, and that also threw him. Her Korean had been in a perfect Seoul accent earlier, she hadnt sounded English, American, or otherwise. He supposed even non-native speakers could succeed even when faced with a daunting task. He rolled his shoulders, feeling himself tensing slightly. Hed have to have some sort of accidental run in with this new person, let them know he didnt need some fangirl whining over him, or worse, stalking him around his home. A grumpy look settled on his features as he thought of the last fangirl who had shown up. Shed been so disappointed in him. It made him stand quickly, deciding it wasnt worth it to sit and stew, without knowing exactly what the situation was. His bathroom became his haven as he went through his actions before bed, following quickly through the motions, going to bed early, wanting the blissful nothingness of sleep to overtake him so he could stop the worry that plagued him ever since his release from the military.
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