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Joon-woo hasn’t heard from you in hours and is beyond infuriated. Everything seemed fine yesterday and that morning; neither he nor Do-yun can figure out what’s happened. He decides to come get you before Do-yun returns with Junsu.
He arrives at your office and knocks on the outer door. The security guard gets up and checks his credentials through the glass. As he opens the door he begins the questions;
“Is there something going on I should know about?”
That turns Joon-woo’s head instantly, “Why? You still have an employee working late on the fifth floor right?”
“Yeah, that’s why I ask. That other guard that brings her to and from work has already come and gone upstairs.”
Joon-woo runs for the elevator yelling over his shoulder, “Call the police!” His gun is drawn as he gets off the elevator. Very few lights are on and with cubicles filling the first room, anyone could hide anywhere. He quietly makes his way to your office, while checking behind every door and opening. The problem is that Seon-Ki is trained, just like he is, this isn’t an amateur stalker he’s dealing with.
He gets to your office and flips on the light. Your laptop is still on the desk, your purse in its usual corner, a bouquet of roses sit on the floor. He begins opening and closing drawers and finds your stash of clothes. “What the hell? What is she planning?” He begins rifling through the papers on your desk when the flower card falls free. He picks it up to read:
“Yes regrets; you, yes one. J”
“Shit!” He now understands what happened; did the boss really mean that? If so, they had all totally read him wrong; and he’d been trying to convince you…before that thought could finish, the sound of glass shattering has him running out the door.
No other lights are on for this floor; he heads to where he can hear scuffling and thumps. The elevator beeps and he can hear footsteps running down the hall towards him. Just as he reaches the break room he hears a horrific scream. Not the kind of scream that would come from a frightened woman but the kind that would come from an angry animal fighting for its life. He throws open the door and flips the lights on; the sight before him is chilling, one he never thought he’d see.
Your shirt is ripped, your skirt askew, your hair everywhere but where it belongs. There is an absolutely murderous and crazy look in your eyes. You are straddled on top of Seon-Ki; your hands hold the heels of your stilettos pressed up against his throat and every time he goes to move you jump on his diaphragm. There is a shattered coffee pot on the floor and he can’t tell if the blood is from the cuts on your feet or from the gash in the side of Seon-Ki’s head.
The security guard and police arrive behind him with guns drawn and advance into the room. Joon-woo holsters his gun, raises his hands and walks over to you. He gently pry’s the shoes out of your hands. Seon-Ki goes to make a grab for you but an officer puts a gun to his head. Joon-woo lifts you off him and carries you over to the couch. Seeing the blood, one of the officers calls for paramedics.
Joon-woo pulls his jacket off and wraps you in it. Your phone buzzes on the coffee table, but you are numb and have started going into shock. He looks at the read out, Junsu. He moves to answer it but you shake your head.
“He’s going to want to know.”
You just stare at him blankly, was he serious? “Shit,” he comments as he hits ignore. “This puts me in a bad position.”
“I fired you, why are you here?” you whisper at him.
“You can’t fire me squirt, we’re friends. I told you that.”
Sirens can be heard outside from the approaching ambulance. The officers have decided that since Seon-Ki is fighting and cussing at them that he isn’t in need of immediate medical care. They take him away but you can hear him cursing you and vowing to get you until the elevator closes.
As the paramedics come in to check you, the police begin asking questions. Joon-woo is flipping through your phone and finds not only the picture and texts from Seon-Ki; but also your conversation with Junsu.
He asks to make a phone call; then he will fill them in on the situation. The paramedics deem your condition in need of immediate medical care and pronounce you only minutes from going into full shock. The police let them take you away and turn to speak to Joon-woo.
Joon-woo tells Do-yun that you are pulling an all-nighter and to tell the boss he’ll stay with you. He hands your phone to the police as evidence and proceeds to fill them in on your case. He and Do-yun have already filed multiple reports at the station for you. They make arrangements to speak with you in the morning and he is released from the scene to meet you at the hospital.
By the time he gets there you are already in a room. They’ve given you a pain killer and knocked you out to treat your shock. Your feet are band-aged, a few scrapes and bruises decorate your arms and neck. Your fingernails have been cut for evidence but he can clearly see where they are raw.
“You gave him what for didn’t you squirt?”
He gently moves your hand back onto the bed, “You sure surprised the hell out of me. Who thought you had that in you?”
He sits there a few more minutes just thinking. He reaches back over and retakes your hand; “I’m really glad you did, I would have been too late.”
I think he likes her more than a friend and she should jump on that boat and I ship them off to happily ever after.
;) the name of the story :]