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Every time I run out of toner I always debate if I should invest in a facial mist or toner next. I don't have a definite answer to which one is better. It really depends on the season and my skin condition at the moment. After juggling around with both toner and facial mist I gradually realize facial mist might be better for my skin and lifestyle.


Toner is made for oil-control purposes.The ingredients are normally too drying which can make your skin feel tight and look patchy. I have combination/oily skin but certain brands of toner leave my skin feeling too tense. It took me a while to find a toner that deliver the key benefits of hydrating, revitalizing, and balancing the pH of my skin. However, there's a few things I don't like about toners. ONE. I have to use cotton pads to apply it on my skin. Cotton pads are cheap so I'm not worried about the price but I dislike the feeling of running a cotton pad to apply toner. Most of the time my skin will need to be moisturized after using a toner. The only exception is Shiseido's Balancing Softener. TWO. It's a waste of cotton pads. I know the purpose is to remove residue and balance the skin but I'm confused because isn't cleaning the job of facial cleansers? I only thought about this when I realize I am double cleansing my skin with a cotton pad. I believe with a good cleanser and facial cleansing technique you don't need to an extra swipe on you face. Tight, squeaky, fresh is not what you want your skin to feel. With that said, if you have sensitive or dry skin you should steer clear from astringent or alcohol-based toner.


The difference between a toner and a facial mist is the application process. Toner = an extra step to clean the face thoroughly. Facial Mist = rehydrating after cleaning your face.
The Pro: + Good for sensitive skin, helps reduce redness and eczema. + No cotton pads needed + You can use it to prep your skin for makeup application, set your makeup, or refresh your makeup + Instantly wakes your eyes up
Narrowing it down: It may seem counterintuitive, but toning might too much if used simultaneously with an oil-free cleanser. Unless, you have acne-prone skin I don't think it's necessary to use a toner. Note: Everyone's skin is different and what works for my skin might not for yours. I'm just listing my thoughts based on examining my skin condition.
Do you use a toner or facial mist in your skin care routine?
I currently only have a toner but I only use it during times when my skin gets kind of combo oily!
I'm obsessed with facial mists. Never really got behind toners, my skin is too sensitive.
both!!! I recently just got into facial mists and I'm OBSESSED. def a spring and summer must! not so much in the winter.