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So I turned 30 in January. I was going to write a big spiel about it with some fancy rhetoric where I 'break up' with my 20s in a long and romantic letter, but truthfully, I realized that no one else in the entire world probably cared that I was turning 30 as much as I did. And it's true. Turning 30 isn't really that big of a deal.
However, as I reached my late 20s and finally made it over the hub of thirtysomething-ness, I realized that the girl I was at 20 and the woman I am now seem like two completely different people. It might not be everyone's experience, of course, but here are some things I've noticed about life before and life after turning into a 'grown up'.

Saying what year you were born goes from 'Not a big deal.' to 'Suddenly, a big deal.'

Yes, I was born in 1986. About five years ago, being born in the 80s wasn't a big whoop. Now if I tell the wrong person what year I was born, they're just like, "Whoa, man. What's your secret?" (Uh, my secret? That being 30 isn't that old, weirdo.)

Your biological clock actually starts ticking - even if you're not ready for it to.

Okay, so technically, you can have babies right up to menopause, but it's been statistically shown that women have a harder time getting pregnant after 35. How do I know this? Because I'm 30 now, and this fact is what plagues some of us at this age.

You hug onto your self-worth a lot harder than you used to.

News Flash: Being a female in your 20s is no walk in the park. People assume you're some sort of ditz, and it's hard to stop thinking, "Hey, maybe they're right?" As you gain experience in life, you learn to demand the respect you deserve. And it's awesome.

You slowly have no clue what the cool thing is anymore.

You guys, I still don't know what a dab is. I still have listened to Beyonce's 'Formation' song. And maybe I had Snapchat for, like, a week before I decided it was some glorified product created by creepy college dudes to convince girls it was okay to send nudes.

It gets harder to relate to what younger girls are saying.

I'm not saying that your brain changes the night before your 30th birthday or anything, but if you put me and a girl born somewhere in the 1992 - 1996 range in the same room, I'll have a hard time talking to them without feeling like I sound like a 'cool mom'.

Your taste in guys gets kind of... hmm, well...

I remember whenever Mom used to call Harrison Ford hot, I'd be so grossed out because he was basically a fossil. Then I got to the age where some of the most eligible fish in the dating pool have male pattern baldness or a (well managed) venereal disease from their crazy college years of yore, and I realize that, hey, life happens, right?

You can stay inside all weekend without remorse.

This might not be every girl, but when I was younger, I would be so butthurt if I had made it through the weekend without going out and doing something wild and fun. These days, even if the only thing I did over the weekend was clean and fold my laundry, I feel a deep sense of accomplishment.

You start seeing wrinkles around your eyes...?

You guys, I have patches - literally patches of grey hair, and they didn't start growing in until last summer. And suddenly, dropping some serious cash on a good eye cream doesn't seem financially irresponsible at all. THE CHANGES, THEY'RE HAPPENING!

To all my other ladies in their late 20s/early 30s, do you feel me on this one? Or are there things you disagree with/things that I'm missing?

Comment below with your thoughts, and hey, if you're a thirtysomething dude, feel free to write your own card!
I'm not quite there (3yrs away omgggg) but with my kid my outlook has definitely changed that I can relate to this about 99% my biological clock doesn't tick so loud since I already have 1 offspring
I remember that's about when my hair had a little salt in it lol now there's more salt than pepper
I'm in my early 20s and I fall in the 92-96 range!! haha but I'm still glad we can still be friends. I promise I don't see you as a cool mom :)
I totally understand. I still remember turning 30 and was having those same thoughts. I sometimes have doubts about my age. I'm like am I too old to be enjoying kpop?
one thing I gotta say, crossing the 30 milestone, it seems like ppl tend to take me more seriously now than in my 20's. like a jump from kid to adult. funny thing, I still feel the same.
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