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@UzumakiJess who knows, unless you read the Manga and it probably shows what's down there but I'm not spoiling anything
I read the manga but I'm five or six chapters behind.
Hmmm, that's an interesting point
I thought she was crying cuz she finally had Eren and was gonna get away with him, but then got her butt kicked by Levi and then had Eren taken away from her; that was her golden opportunity; since she was now in the military police, it would be harder for her to know what the scouts were planning and when they would be moving out etc; if she went missing every so often to figure out the scouts course of action, she would be suspected; and if they ever got to the basement who knows what they would find; maybe it could be a way to identify humans who can take titan form; she would automatically be killed 😬 still she went a little crazy in the end there with her cynical laughing; I don't think she regrets the deaths she caused minus any of the friends who died because of the breach in the wall; I think at that point she said screw it, I've killed so many directly and indirectly that the only thing that truly matters now is my secret not being found out
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