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E3 2013 - Halo Teaser Trailer
www.youtube.com1DAA50E1-0355-420D-A1AD-2C244287F3DCCreated with sketchtool.
Here is the teaser for the next Halo installment coming in 2014 for the Xbox One. Developer: 343 Industries Release: 2014 Genre: FPS Platform: Xbox One Publisher: Microsoft
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@cheerfulcallie I know, sis. There, there. Lol! Well, they've been talking about a movie for so long now...
@cheerfulcallie Oh...it's just too long to get into. They've tried for sure. XD @JohnLee Good memory. They announced that Steven Spielberg will be behind the helm to make an official Halo TV series. I'll be publishing a card about it soon. ^^