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Please, before you read on, have a good long look at the picture. Especially at the faces of everyone present. Take your time. If not for anything else, for the sake of experiencing a moment of sanity in a world that gone crazy. Okay now... My personal heroes were always people who found themselves facing impossible odds and made it through anyway. But there is something else that make them my personal heroes - That in spite of whatever mess they were in, they found the courage to show the way for others, to be great leaders. ABT principle, Misty Copeland is certainly one of them. I admire her for not giving up on her dreams, I admire her for all the hard work she did in order to make them come true, but I most admire her for what you can see in this picture. Ballet is the hardest of all arts, because it just can't be faked. In this picture you see a great teacher teaches her students how to be true. And she does so with so much of the thing that makes dancers be much more than great athletes, which is grace. There is so much grace in the way she holds the girl's hand, and so much more in the way she tells her, with the touch of her other hand, not with voice, that she should keep her chin up. In a world in which, so called leaders, seem to compete over who will tell the most blunt lies, it's good that there are still some courageous real leaders like Misty Copland that show another way.
@shannonl5 , Yes she stood them up, and this is how ballet advances.
I love how you paid attention to the details o this photo. This is definitely an example of great leadership.
I really admire Misty Copeland! She's such a smart, hardworking person. Ballet is truly beautiful but the institution has a lot of nasty biases and she stood up to them.