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HAPPY EASTER!!! So its right around the beginning/middle of spring and I LOVE this season because everything is so pretty! So! I'm making this card so that we can share our favorite spring music!
When I think of Spring music I think of something I would listen to on a nice walk with pretty weather so something on the more mellow side. So, here's my top songs that I get the essence of "Spring" from.

6. BTS - Miss Right

5. Gfriend - Rough

4. Synchronization 100%

3. Eric Nam - Interview

I LOVE THIS SONG!! His new album is amazing so you guys should go check it out!

2. Astro - Morning Call

I'm in LOVE with this group and this song is one of my favorites from their debut album. You guys should definitely look them up!!!

1. Eric Nam and Wendy (Red Velvet) - Spring Love

I've been playing this song of repeat for the past couple of weeks and I can't get enough of this! Their voices are soooo goood it makes me feel really happy listening to this song :) and the music video for this is realllly cute!!!
What's your favorite songs right now? Let me know in the comments or if you make a card tag me! I'm planning on making a playlist of all your favorite songs and I'll post so let me know please!!
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I love Spring Love! I'll have to look at my music and find some good stuff!