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It's called an "abomination", "unnatural", a "mischief maker", among other things... It's a very rare vintage Fender Stratocaster with a Fender Telecaster neck pocket - and thus a Fender Telecaster neck. Why is this so special? Oh... if you love the sound of a Strat but love the feel of a Tele... this rare and often misunderstood laboratory creation is heaven.
Announced for this year at the annual NAMM Show (National Association of Music Merchants - the largest music industry trade show - NOT open to the public - on this side of the World) - the Fender Custom Shop has added this amazing beast of a guitar to its lineup - the price tag is a whopping $4,200 - that's a lot of money for basically the original Frankenstein's Strat Monster... I decided that instead of buying one - I'd build one. That's right... I'm actually building this unicorn of a guitar - piece by piece. You are looking at the vintage style - V-back (Clapton Signature Style) Tele-neck - and a Relic finish that I created. That's right - I took a pristine Vintage Tele neck and I methodically abused it to make it look 50 years old.
ABOVE - BEFORE - This is the neck in its original state. I purchased "Relic Finished" locking Fender Tuning Machines from the Fender Custom Shop here in California. All of the hardware and electronics I'm getting from Fender - all are authentic vintage-relic USA pieces. The process of "aging" or "relic-a-fying" <- I know that's not a real word! - a guitar is an fascinating process. I'm going to add a card shortly to explain step-by-step how it's done. Just know that I've learned many tricks through the years working with talented luthiers on how to do this sort of thing. BELOW - AFTER - The process - when done correctly - takes about a week. When it's finished the neck is just as functional and stable as before - and it's just as protected from the elements as it was before (because I reseal the wood when I'm done - no reason to leave it unprotected). The fact is that the wood looks worn and abused - but it's not.
I'm having a great time putting this guitar together and when I'm finished I'll have a really unique - amazing guitar - custom built by me - for me. It's the guitar I've always wanted. More on that later! I'm still waiting on parts to arrive!
my Frankenstein is a Harmony strat imitation that has a Schecter imitation replacement Tele neck. needs new hardware but when it was working it had a really deep sound that I haven't gotten from anything else. not bad for a finger hut special lol
ok ill bring her out of hiding
dude! send me a picture of it. I'd love to see it.