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Seriously, it may be done, but I am already bookmarking the manga so I can read it all & get that ending as well (as it IS different, from all I've heard!)
Anyways, on to my thoughts for the final episode~~!!

The confrontation was intense.

I like that we're getting clips back to the moments when Yashiro started to realize Satoru was on him, and also to the moments where he told his friends that he knew what was going on. I was getting pretty worried about Kumi - if they had allowed her to die, I would have been so upset! Too much death & sadness already, you know?

Satoru really is great at playing mind games.

Telling Yashiro that Satoru is his reason for living? Yes. Yes indeed. Wow. And then throwing himself off the roof just to see if Yashiro would stop him, and then basically tricking him into feeling too attached and then letting him so so that there was evidence of him trying to murder him? It's just all so impressive. To figure out so quickly how attached Yashiro was to Satoru - which I guess made sense as he didn't kill him sooner, but still....wow. Satoru got this bit right.

This was the first moment Satoru has ever made me swoon.

Speaking of Satoru, he lost time...sure, but actually doesn't he remember his old life at all? He lost time, but he didn't really lose time, and he saved a lot of people's time by losing his own, which is quite beautiful really.
Also, just seeing him be able to live - and enjoy his adulthood with a lot of friends is really nice! I feel like his original future self was just kind of depressing, but this is just really reassuring that he did the right thing & made changes that mattered throughout. Also, I love the theme of learning to not do things on your own, but to join with others.


I really thought we were going to be left without her being in this at all, which was a super bummer because come on!! She had to be there. I'm so mad that she wasn't in more of things throughout, but at least she is back in some way. Everything comes around, and I feel like Airi showing up really is his reward for doing all that he did.

I'm seriously not done talking about this series.

I'm ready to rewatch it, reanalyze it, make more cards about everything we missed, the awesome thematic elements, and the visual cues the series was giving us all along. I have so much to say!!!! I will try to talk about it all soon, but if you also watch the series PLEASE tag me in any cards you write about it!!!
I am so glad Airi made an appearance at the end!! Everything played out so well, cant wait to read the magna! If you do any community actions with this show let me know, I'll contribute anyway I can! I think this show would be a great choice to do one of those watch and discussion things!
for anyone who wants to read the manga its different from the anime after he wakes up specifically after he talks to hizuki so its not that much you have to read but personally i think the manga ended better
@hikaymm agreed! Keep me posted on what you have in mind. We shall produce great cards for a great anime!
Ova OVa OVA!!!!!!
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