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[DOTS 02] 8 Month Time Jump!

So we find out why Shijin had to was to go rescue more hostages.

This episode starts off with a American jerk and a totally improbable situation.

Are soldiers allowed to fight like this? They fight each other in chairs and shovels!?
Then they have to go flashing from war zone to operation room and my heart can't take it. But then, they give us a gift:


His character, Chihoon lost his new engagement ring bless him and he's going to be a dad omg. How is he so adorable and great!?

Once they're reunited, the cheesy couple thing starts again.

Here are some examples lol.
He is SO CORNY like I'm literally cringing every time they're together. But then, when they're about to watch a movie...he gets called back to war.
He's then notified that his unit will be sent on an 8-month "break" in Uruk, a city in Iraq.


But then when he goes back to see Moyeon, she's upset about not knowing what his real job is.

The have a SUPER INTENSE discussion and it ends....

With them basically breaking up?! Were they even dating!?


Fast forward 8 months though and Moyeon gets reassigned to a task force in Uruk with her whole hospital team. And guess who is still there...yep, SHIJIN.

In case you're wondering, the bromance is still SO STRONG.

And while everyone is dying of the Iraqi heat, Onew is having the time of his life.

Now that the scene is all set, I'm ready for the real drama to start!

@JarviaKlipka why/how did I not notice/recognize Onew??? Lol.
LOL gotta love Onew! I'd be half dying, half interested in every grain of sand I lay eyes on! I can't believe I started so laaaate. *Slides back into kdrama watching, trying to catch up*
@VeronicaArtino somehow i am getting to be okay with the cheese hahahahhaha
I just finished episode 2!!!! Why didn't I start this sooner??!!
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