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Here is the description You only had one dream, and that was to become a known artist. Even if it took time, you knew it was your destiny. Being the only child of a rich family, you were the heir to the family business. While managing and making a greater name to the company, you finally had that 'once in a life-time' opportunity you've been waiting for your whole life. Will you be able to live your dream? If successful, what happens next? Will you meet you find your soulmate?
So far I'm on chapter 8 but I need some constructive criticism. Please tell me what needs to be fixed and/or taken off. Also tell me if it's good or not. Please I'm Begging You! JEBALYO!
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I'm Brianna Elisa Hernandez. My Korean name is Song Mi Yong and Yes, I love K-pop, Korean Dramas, and I just love Pororo. I'm Christian and GOD is the most important thing in my life. I'm 14, about to turn 15 January, 30th. Yes, I wish I had friends, no doubt about it but it's also my fault I choses Koreans over Socializing. But OH WELL, Here is a little bit about me. (Yes, I am only telling a little bit even if you want to know about my fabulous life. JK! But Trust me, you want to know..... Right? OK whatever. On with my life? Personality? I don't even know what to call it.) Some of my Favorite K-Dramas are My Love From Another Star, Heartstrings, Bride of the Century, Sensory Couple, You are All Surrounded, City Hunter, Healer, Pretty Man and many more but those are like my Top Favorite. I am an E.L.F, EXO-L, A.R.M.Y, V.I.P, B2UTY, Melody, Inspirit, Boice, A+, IGOT7, Shawol, Angel and many more. I must let you know I am not a Sasaeng. I see myself as the type of fan who knows about a band, duet, or solo artist but doesn't go over the extent of liking their music, finding my bias, and maybe following their Instagram accounts...... But that's it! You will never find me stalking some over the internet or anything else. I must also warn you that if you become friends with me, all I will do is try to find you a bias of Korean Actors and K-pop bands, if your a guy or a girl, I will not care and will not stop until you join me in the world of koreans. I'm Aquarius, some of the stereotypes of aquarians are being labeled heartless and unemotional, but it's not true.... Well at least for me it's not. I may seem like that the first time you meet me but after I get to know you and we bond, I know I'll open up and show you my Alien side.
The link is under the picture at the right but I'll give it to you. http://w.tt/1UPTwQZ
I added to my library, when I get some free time I'll read it ☆
Infinite fanfic 😆
Woohoo! An Infinite fanfic 🙌
my wattpad name is taetaeisalien
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