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Your Lie In April

Ok Tbh ... I Cried Once I Found Out She Passed Away N I Want There To Be A Second Season But I Mean Its Just Gonna Be Sad Just Seing Kousie Go Into Another Deep Depression Becuz Of Her Death ... But What Pissed Me Off Is That They NEVER Dated Like Wtf ... But I Mean All In All This Anime Was Great Really Kawaii And Sad And Gets You In The Feels By The Last Episode ... R.I.P Kaori ...
I saw the anime. it was so sad!!!! I hoped they end up together!! That was the worst part!!! 😭😭😭
they never officially dated, but she did make him go out with her to do all those errands as, the "replacement"
same i cried @Flare4522
@CrystalSwag well no im sad
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